I’m a real girl!


6 thoughts on “About

    1. Absolutely, Just let me know how you need it. If you need an actually copy of the picture just give me an address and next time I visit my Grandmother I’ll get the picture and make a copy. If you just need me to send you a jpeg or higher quality let me know. I’ve got them stored in the computer. (my Cousin before he passed was a good photographer, he updated the pictures for my Grandmother and the Matador Ranch.)

      Also curious, did your family found the town Goldthwaite? That’s one of my favorite towns, that i can NEVER pronounce correct. *LOL*

  1. This is possibly the shortest About Page that I have ever commented on and/or seen Seepurple, for some reason I find it a bit comedic/funny/cartoony in a good way, and it makes me want to laugh a bit when I imagine someone proclaiming/yelling/saying: “I’m a real girl!”; I am glad that you have at least one page on your blog now (maybe an image and/or video would be a nice addition to this About Page as well), I look forward to seeing a few more pages (maybe an Archives Page and a Contact Page), and some widgets being added to your blog in the future. 😉

    -John Jr

    1. *LOL* I would love to do more. But I don’t want people really knowing who I am. I have a job and I’d like to promote again. Some of the my dreams and things that go on…well I would think would affect my job. HOWEVER, one day I will be retired or have my own business and then all cards will be out. *LOL* In fact then, I’ll even get more detailed in some of my stories.

      Do you share you stories with friends, family and co-workers?

      1. Hello Seepurple,

        I was actually thinking of something more simple and anonymous (I mostly blog anonymously as well, so I can understand, and I have no problem with that at all), like possibly adding some simple text or an image and/or a video that does not have to be directly about you like I have on my About Page (I have a generic image so that the page is not image-less, a video about how to make an about page, basic text about my blog itself instead of me, and I even re-added a video clip/scene from the television show Luther which can symbolically represent a few things about me and my life depending on how you interpret the video clip/scene, et cetera), the text and image on your very first post on this blog is a good example of what I am talking about/suggesting (https://seepurple.wordpress.com/2010/11/21/hello-world/) along with maybe adding an Archives and Contact page like I have on my blog. 😉

        When some of my friends were still in contact with me (I rarely if ever hear from them, and they rarely respond these days), when I had a job (I am jobless at this time), when I still was in school/college (I never finished college), et cetera I would rarely tell people about some of my dreams but not very often (I did not record my dreams back then) because people did not seem to really care about dreams and they probably thought that sharing them was weird and that my dreams were weird and that I was weird for sharing them; and so now I just blog them publicly and share them sometimes with my direct family (parent’s, siblings, et cetera) who I live with (I do not have much contact with extended family members these days, and so the subject/topic of dreams is not likely to come up when briefly around them), and in rare situations with others/strangers when there is a rare opportunity to talk about dreams.

        -John Jr

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