War in America dream

It’s a dream so it’s sketchy so just keeping facts out and putting what I remember.  Once again think this dream wasn’t for me so typing it out for whomever.

I was happy everyone in my family was off work.  However I don’t remember seeing my kids or my nephews so school may have been in session.

Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. was an American broadcast journalist,CBS Evening News for 19 years. who Died: July 17, 2009, Manhattan, New York City, NY was on TV.  I was trying to figure out in my dream..why is he on TV..miss watching him but isn’t he dead.

Cronkite was speaking of President Trump vs Obama and Hillary.  Apparently Obama and Hillary teamed up and was trying to run and do things that were good to get back into the lime light. Cronkite was stating they were gonna compare and people especially journalist were gonna weigh in their vote.

I felt there had been or was gonna be attack? Thought Cronkite mentioned it but not sure.

Then I was what looked like downtown in a city.  Never been in this city but it was in Eastern America.  I remember picturing a huge slow waving America flag. I stood on a large street and there was a large highway bridge that crossed it.  Didn’t see it but also pictured and felt a large airport was close by.

I was facing the highway bridge to my left was gun fire towards me.  I wasn’t scared because I knew I wasn’t really there I was just observing.  Lots of men down the street that intersected this one was firing in my direction.

Firing at our military men…who were firing back.  Our military were in the wide open.  I looked up and there were at least two electrical bucket trucks two solders were using.  They were liking sitting ducks up in the air but they didn’t seem to care.  They were using the height to help shoot the shooters.

I was amazed they hadn’t been shot.  Lots of gun fire..lots.

The enemy was not white, black or Hispanic.  They were not originally Americans.  They were using the parked cars around the street to shoot the soldiers.

I kept thinking this was in the same city as the White house but not sure.  All I know is feelings..
White house
Highway bridge no water
Crossing street
Foreigners wanting to kill America people
At least two city electrical trucks.
And later finding out Cronkite died in New York State.

Lol….you have been told so now I can try to forget it and grab coffee.

PS So proud of our soldiers..they were so fearless and were doing a great job.


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