aliens or humans…Who’s what?

So it starts again.  I had a semi break…I think.  Woke up once to see someone standing at the foot of the bed.  I don’t know why my experiences seem so different then other people’s.  It wasn’t a little gray or large gray.  I really couldn’t say but it looked more like a short..maybe 5 ft aquatic creature.  reminded me of the old swamp creature movie.  He didn’t move, he didn’t seem to be doing anything but standing and staring or watching with unblinking eyes.  however it was dark and as soon as I got up to take a gasp of air he was gone. (he..she…really I don’t know)

Never again..that I remember..did I ever see it.  Hum still posters me.  I did notice it does affect my channels on the TV.  So actually that made me feel better.  I am not alone…the darn tv stations feels my

Dating..I swear it’s affecting my date life.  And no…for all you people out there..I don’t go around telling people I have been abducted and picked on my aliens and unknown medical personel…lol.  you think I am crazy!!  I can say everyman that has gotten close to me just suddenly well gets disinterested …

example…my news director that I dated.  he wanted more I didnt..then when I decided that I was willing to settle into a long term relationship with him he got called down to Austin for special news director conference.  a week later we were suppose to go out that Saturday to discuss our future.  then nothing….he just cuts all contact.  when I contacted him he was horribly sick and told me I was a lot of things…..never spoke to him again.

Another a helicopter mechanic.  Everytime we tried to make plans something came up.  First his company suddenly sent him to El Paso/army for about two weeks…when he returned we made plans again..then suddenly his boss told him he had to go to Arizona for more training.  he was confused and pissed about it.  rightly so since it took away from his daughters time.  we still talked each night…when he was about to head back home he sent me a voice mail crying horribly telling me he couldn’t do it, that he was so sorry and just a lot of strange none since.  I tried calling back and nothing.  tried texting him and just got total jibberish.  just letters no words over and over again.  never seen, heard or nor never seen him again.

3rd…Meet a normal boring hard working local man.  He was so excited to go out.  we went out…it was short.  he later called me “I don’t understand why I didn’t ask you out for longer”.  he wanted to go out again.  we made plans..then suddenly day we planned for a week his cousin showed up in town. “don’t know why she’s back so early”  he broke the date to hang out with his cousin which he saw all the time.  Needless to say we stopped talking.  a month or so later I contacted him just to learn a few things for my blog.  He then told me it was just strange that day.  he told me he decided to go see his cousin though he did not want to.  “I don’t know why or how.  Even when I went over there it’s not what I wanted” he stated.  He had wanted to call me but couldn’t seem to manage it.  he stated he thought I was perfect for him and asked if I would go out with him again.  I agreed.  he planned to cook for me.  when I got there he seemed suddenly awkward and suddenly got very ill.  we ended the semi date sooner due to his stomach..  he got really ill..and it ended things.

doctor, pilot…doesn’t mater the men it’s a short sweet ending always leaving me always alone.  the poor guys don’t even get a chance to hold my hand.

I could go on and on…..this is my dating life.  So is my strange happening affecting the men that’s wanting a relationship with me?  If so..why?

Other it wrong for me to have a relationship and not tell them what’s been going on?  I never told my ex…I don’t tell anyone.  Well except for you because none of you know me.

hmm, so here I am.  Lots of waking up in the middle of the night.  no weird dreams, no more weird beings in my room, but weird markings suddenly on me.  first one was on my right thigh. at first it looked like something stung me.  I figured it had to be mosquito….except it didn’t hurt, didn’t itch, forgot about it.  Two days later had a huge deep bruise.  no pain.  as it slowely faded it seemed to have a stamp shape to it.

2nd one was left leg in back of my calf.  truthfully I think it was there same time as,my thigh mark.  just never noticed it due to …well it’s behind me.  lol and it’s winter so pants, pants, and more pants.  when I did see it….well I wanted to forget it.  it was a perfect diamond.  almost made me want to throw up.  Damn…..damn……

for over a week I knew I needed to take a picture of it.  To show remind myself…damn…

So I didnt..your lucky you got some of it. so the above picture with quarter shows you what it looked like three weeks later.  what the heck makes that type of bruise?

oh, almost forgot…one more bruise. Lost part of my hearing in left ear.  went to specialist..his exact words none reversable will have issue with my ear forever now.  “whats strange is inside your ear is a perfect square shaped hematoma…perfect…I mean perfect small square”  he stated looking at me and shaking his head “strange”.  I just blinked at him.  How I wanted so bad to say…you think it’s the aliens,or those mean humans in medical clothes?  How could I?  Who’s the monsters?  both…none…Who’s my hero’s?  both..none…

I am happy alone but I need a hero to climb on and curl up with and feel protected.  grrrrr on not knowing. Thank you to my hero’s whom ever they are.











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