e-harmony date review

online-datingWell here’s my eharmony dating review.  To make this brief since I am on my cell phone typing this…eharmony is well is more “evil harm on money”…lol

Don’t recommend it.  if you do try only the three months.  You’ll thank me later.

I live in a city with 249000 plus people.  I live close to two other cities and many small towns ranging a little over 1 million people..not including the city I live in.  However on eharmony the closest person that was even a slight match was over 6.5 hrs away.  most were many states away.

If your a rich and successful play boy…or girl this is the site for you.  I did meet a very handsome older doctor that was willing and able to fly in at a drop of a hat.  Nothing came of it, just a few phone calls and talking.  Long distance juat does not work for me in my situation.

Out of three months he was the closest…yet 6.5 hrs away.

you can set your distance.  I lowered mine eventually to 300 miles closer and still only got people 1000 miles away.  lowered it to 150 miles and got nothing.

they have a new thing called “what if?” it gives you random people to look at.  ironically all were still 1000 miles away. non even in my state.

until…I canceled my service.  I had to pay three months in advanced so I still got access to eharmony for another month before it shut me out.  all the while with messages to come back.  strangely I started finally getting men in my state showing up as picks.  still 6.6 hrs away or further but at least in the same state.

another bad feature…99% of the people in your matches are not on.  eharmony was smart they keep everyone’s old profile and never delete them.  example mine will be up there so probably years from now people think I am available.  if you do eharmony best thing is either delete all profiles and just wait for new ones to pop up..or send a message to everyone and see if their real.  I finally sent a message and found out of 50 five were real.

two times I had security issues.  I not a Hottie by any means so I don’t know why eharmony has such issues.  However one man That did start talking to me seemed ligit and very nice..normal.  he didn’t ask anything strange or out of the ordinary.  I then got an email from eharmony that he was a security issue and they blocked his content from me to save me from him.  what?

that’s about it..then today I had to redo my password due to security concerns again.

I do give them a+ on security so far but then why do they have such security issues in the first place.

so eharmony…never again.


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