I hate dating..my 1st story

I wish I could just find a normal guy and cuddle up to him.  Surely there’s some order I can place and out of the thousands if men one would go “heyyyy”.

It’s been over a year.  I have tried tinder like three times.  zero success.  got connected but every single man will be up front and let you know it’s boots call only.  which I guess if I wanted a fun night out…ha ha.  no thank you.

pof heck it’s horrible but works better then others and it’s free.  I have made friends, gone out on dates…and would likely work except …well….I think ..well…you have cerial women daters that mess it up or I am cursed.


here is why…

Meet a great guy. He was a news producer.  we started going out as friends at first then months later he wanted me to commit to him as his girlfriend.  At first it scared me.  As you know it hadn’t been that long since I had divorced.  I told him I was not ready.  he got upset and we’ll left.  which he had a right to.  he was ready to settle I was only ready to date.  he showed back up later..(thank God he never saw,my blog..lol…could you image news producer girlfriend abducted by aliens and medical personel…I hid that from him😐)..

it was about a month later.  he came back stating he wanted to settle but he couldn’t move on.  He would rather date me and just wait til I was ready to get serious.  so we dated again.  later I decided..yet ready to try serious relationship.  he was excited.  for a week he was called down to Austin area for a news meeting.  we talked each night he showed me pictures, videos of where he was staying and we talked about our weekend plans.  he wanted to have a sit down and discuss our relationship.

he returned Friday late.  out date out and discussion was set for saturday.  we were both excited.  we hadn’t set a time since he got in so late.  I wanted to look good so …well you know us girls..I repainted my nails, fixed my hair, changed my clothes 500 times, etc…I had never even kissed him. (sorry people I am old school and slow on physical…lol.  not that I didn’t want to just PerFer lip locking on someone that’s not lips with another woman the day before or 20 minutes earlier…ewwww).  we had held hands, cuddled, laughed, shared stories, gone out numerous times etc.

so there I was for hours…getting nervous and excited..12, 13, 14.. walk the floor..15…check hair again 15:15..check cellphone…15:45..try to eat something..so excited ugh can’t eat…maybe another outfit..should I dress sexy this time?…1600…1630…wish he call or text..this is so not him…1700, 1710..grrr…check cellphone make sure it’s working.  I know he got in on alright.  don’t bug him he drove a long time and we usually don’t go out until 1900….1800 rolls around…1900….2000..you got to be freaking joking!  so I text him.

hello?  I haven’t heard from you.

he states he was sick. “I suddenly got sick this morning.  I won’t be able to go out”..

“sooooo, when did you know you were sick?”

“oh first thing this morning around 8”


“i am sorry your not feeling good.  can I get you anything”

“no, I am good just sitting here watching tv right now”

“we were suppose to go out.  why didn’t you call me”

…..and it went down hill from there…

I had explained to him how he should have texted me at least one word..”sick”.  he stated he couldn’t all day because he was sick.  I asked him if he had gone bathroom…yes…taken his dogs out…yes…gone refrigerator…yes…fixed something to eat…yes…watch tv…yes.  talked to his news cast or work…yes.  but you couldn’t tell the girl you’ve been seeing for more months that the date was cancelled because you were sick?  he called me selfish and he never spoke to me again.


















One thought on “I hate dating..my 1st story

  1. Welcome back Seepurple,

    That escalated quickly, wow!

    I recommend continuing to be cautious, take your time, do not be so hard on yourself, and find things that you can do to help yourself handle/enjoy being single/alone.

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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