Another body jump

Forgive me..I know its been awhile.  Still no internet and I can only text so much.

I’m gonna put this down before I forget because I’m forgetting quickly on this experience.

During sleep I dreamed I bodyjumped again…but unlike the others I was able to question and get answers.  I body jumped into a man.  He was I believe in his thirties.  I’m pretty sure it was here on earth..but I can’t remember.  He looked human..people the men and women around him looked human.  And there were kids. 
I know he was saddened to leave.  He loved his life but he knew it was time to go.  There would be no funeral. .just as there was so birth.  When he existed he grown.  He seemed kinda sad he couldn’t experience or stay like other people. 
I knew I was confused because  I was thinking he was a jumper like I was..but no.   He truly was there..he truly existed and he was living…not hitching a ride…not stealing anothers body.  Once he left no one would would really wonder.  I don’t know if he told me why.  I do think he existed for a few years.  He knew he’d suddenly exist again but in other peoples lives.  He was excited to be born again ….well I would not say born….he would exist again in another area with a new body.
Unlike other men I did not feel any sexual urges with this guy.  He loved people but not let like the desperate heart breaking feel we humans feel.  He tried to answer how he suddenly existed..the time he had…and when ge left to start a new existance.  During this time he had blonde hair..the front gis bangs were kinda long.  He liked to pull on it and I think he was going to miss playing with his hair…lol…I know I was thinking the same thing.
I was glad I got to experience part of the ending of his current existance.  He told me there are others like him.  They just never get to enjoy being born..growing up..going school..etc.  but they do enjoy existing and spending time with regular people.  Thete was no evil hidden agendas in his mind.  Its the first time I was in a body and I could have my answers questioned.
I’m so sorry I forgot most of the answers he explained to me.

When I woke I was confused.  Who or what was that.  I was thinking I had to be on another world again.  But through his eyes it looked like our world.  People around him did not know he was never born…didn’t even realize ge was special.

Then it occurred to me.  Angel?


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