Alien encounter, I screamed and cried for days

I don’t know if I ever told you about this one.  This happened before a lot of the other things did and it was a negative encounter.  Or at least I think it was.  I’ll let you decide..  This did not happen in the late evenings..this did not happen in a dark area.  This happened in the middle of the day..

Early morning it was a beautiful day.  The sun was shinning and my beautiful house has plenty of large windows that lets the sun shine everywhere.  I love my house (gonna miss it since I’m trying to sell it right now).  My very young daughter is laughing and talking in the living room with my husband (soon to be ex grrrRRRrrr).  Though it’s a beautiful morning and I’m happy to be home I am hurt and angry.  I glance at my sexy husband while he sits on the couch watching Tv.  His cellphone is in his hand and I can tell he’s texting again.  Who?  I don’t know.  (will call him Todd )

Todd, my husband at the time, is a sexy man.  Ranging around 6’2 and naturally built muscles.  Our youngest daughter took after him, literally being born with a six-pack on her stomach and legs with budging muscles.  The doctors state she’ll be an average of six feet tall.  Which makes me happy as I only tower to a tallness of 5’4.  Though I love to stretch my height to 5’5.    Todd, is watching his sports and is focused on his phone.  “Who are you texting?”  I ask while standing close to him as he’s sitting on our large couch.

“no one” he says, though I can hear the exhausted aspiration in his voice.  He knows not to pick a fight with me.  I keep asking him for a divorce but he keeps refusing saying he’s changed and I’m just being paranoid.  I watch as his fingers tap on the screen quickly, before he turns the cellphone in my direction…”see” his deep voice rumbles softly “I’m just playing candy crush like I always am.  It’s addicting”.

You would think after all these years the man would realize I’m not a moron.  I saw him flip over.  I can hear the soft vibrating buzz as his next text comes up.  I have to leave him but my gosh I still love him.  What if I’m wrong?  What if he has changed?  The last four women I found out about…..I just can’t go through another divorce.  God Help me….I think as I turn from him and head into the kitchen.   Our daughter is giggling over something she’s playing with which causes a soft smile on my lips..though my thoughts are else where.  He’s cheating again…but with who.  Why do I put up with this?  I have got to get away from him. Almost as a reply I hear another soft vibration coming from his  phone and he’s continue to tap away.  I can see from the light that occasionally can be seen from his shirt that he’s flipping from one screen to another.  Sadness is over whelming..I feel like I need to go to a dark place and hide.  So I do just that.  I head to the bathroom, leaving the light off.  There’s no window in the bathroom but I have a clear view of the kitchen and dinning room which is bathed with beautiful morning light.  There’s no curtains or blinds to restrain any light.  I sit on the commode and I’m angry with myself.  So angry, I know I’m suppose to leave..but why can’t I.  Do I feel like a failure…once again I pray to God…Please help me.  I don’t know what to do.

Suddenly I see it.  Not really see it…but I see it.  Something very tall walked idly from the living room through the dinning room to the kitchen.  I was so busy in my own sob story I didn’t get a clear look…but I saw.  Very tall maybe between 6’2 to 7’2…somewhere between that.  Very white..very very.  I automatically knew it wasn’t my husband and the goose bumps suddenly rose on my skin.  I could feel myself go cold, and I suddenly held by breath.  Don’t see me. don’t see me..I cried in my head.  Don’t move…don’t move…don’t awkknowledge it.  I saw no fat on the parts of the body I was able to see as it moved idly but quickly towards the back windows facing the backyard.  I felt like a rabbit in the presence of a fox with nowhere to run.  It was a horrible feeling.  It didn’t seem to see me, I couldn’t see it’s face…and there was no sound to this being.  No creaking of the boards under its feet, no petter patter of feet.  It was there though.  I sat there in the darkness of the bathroom knowing it was still out there.  I didn’t move…breath slowly…in…..out……..out.  Don’t let it know I saw it….In …..out.  stop shaking…it’ll know….breath in…..out.  Slow the breath and just sit…

I could feel the coldness in my body.  I don’t know why something suddenly passing by would create such a panic.  It has moved away from the living room.  My daughter is ok, but cheating husband is still watching Tv.  I can hear them talking to each other.  Why didn’t they see it.  In the shadow of the bathroom I take my eyes away from the kitchen and stare at a wall.  I don’t want to but if the thing started looking around and saw I was searching for it…I’d be dead.  Breath…in…and out.  stop shaking…can’t they read minds?  He should know I saw him.  Breath, act normal.  Deep breath.

Ok, so he’s tall.  Very very thin…but solid white.  pure bone and muscle..and I felt he was…bored.  Yes, bored and waiting.   I have a sudden pain of disappointment.  Why is this alien bored?  Are we not interesting enough?  Does he not see the hell I’m in.  I almost laugh.  I realize me and my family are in mortal danger and I’m suddenly hurt that this creature is bored.  I can’t see him, but I feel he’s standing where I usually do and looking up out of the window into the sky.  How do I know this?…and why is he bored?  There’s another feeling I have from this thing….Not only is he bored but we are nothing.  Nothing at all.  Just something that can be and will be wiped away.  Not only do we not matter we are …we are… I can’t describe it.  But I have a feeling this alien did not like us at all.

I glance over again at the kitchen.  I’m watching like a hawk now, trying to see any movement.  I should not have seen the thing.  It was invisible..and still invisible.  Not only is it invisible but he’s cloaked sounds he’s made.  OH MY GOD We are screwed!  Can you imagine an invisible force that not only is invisible but you also can’t hear it.  It’s like it does not even exist and it’s right in front of you. You can’t fight something like that…and another thought pops in my head.  You can’t fight him even if you could see him or hear him.  I see pictures of everything I could think of…guns, bombs, nuclear war heads…nothing…nothing could hurt this creature.  We are like new-born babies to a race that has lived thousands of years.  We are …nothing. Nothing but cattle. I can’t protect my child,  even if I ran and got my gun and had my daughter behind me, we’d be laughed at and dead even if I shot my gun.  There’s no place to hide, no place to go, no government or military could help us.  Once it’s decided we are all dead.  Are we food to them?  Are we just a weed to kill off?  Why does he not feel for us?  Why bored?  Why is he having to wait for his ride? Why is he in my home?

I’m praying like no one’s business as I sit in the shadows scanning the dining room and kitchen for the entity.  Please protect my baby, please protect me…protect my cheating husband.  Oh God…

Why did I see it?  I believe it’s because of the way I was in the shadows, and the way the windows and light was streaming in.  the light was all around this creature and I know he was wearing some sort of suit…I wish I could have seen him better.   Another thought suddenly comes into my head.  Anyone I tell this to…is in danger.  I suddenly felt if I told my husband…he would die.  If I told my mother…she would die.  The feeling of this was so strong it made me almost break.  Breath in…..breath out….there’s no hope…..

I stand up from my sitting spot, straighten myself, and walk as casually as I can into the dining room.  I glance around as normal as I can…breath, walk…act normal.  I don’t see anything…but I know it’s there.  It’s invisible.  I keep walking…act normal.  Where is it?  Turning to my right I head towards the living room.  I feel like my whole live has changed.  My husband is still plopped on the couch texting his new girlfriends and using candy crush as an excuse.  My baby daughter is still laughing and playing with her toys.  The TV is blaring with sports..and the smell of breakfast we had fixed earlier is still in the air.  I sit on the right side of the couch and stare at the TV.  My husband glances at me, then reaches over and taps me with his foot.  “You ok?” he ask.  I turn and give him a soft smile “yeah”.  I give him a broader smile, then turn and begin to watch TV.  I sit back and relax, kicking my feet up on the couch like I normally do…and watch TV.  “We are all gonna die” Is all I’m thinking..I can hear myself scream inside. I am still making myself breath in and out.  Keep calm…act normal…survival instict.

For the longest time I kept my secret secret…but when I was alone…I cried and screamed.  I remember one day getting into my car.  I had to drive 90 miles..I waiting until I was out of town and no one was driving around me…then I let out a piercing scream over and over and over again…even now It makes me cry thinking of it.  I screamed so much until I couldn’t hardly see the road.  I let my body shake and could feel myself going into shock. I felt what morons we were..all of us.  There was no help for us.  No one on earth could help us.  I couldn’t even protect my family.  I couldn’t tell anyone.  I couldn’t talk to anyone.  I knew they’d die.  I couldn’t even come here to talk about it.  It was to much of a risk.

At the house, when everyone was gone I came very close to getting string and stringing it up all over the house.  Invisible or not, it couldn’ t walk through string.  If I was gonna die and be slaughtered with no emotion I wanted to face my attacker.  I’d wave my arms around the house trying to find the invisible alien creature.  When everyone was there…I acted like nothing was wrong.

I prayed…a lot!  But I don’t know how to describe it.  I never know what it was like not to have any hope at all.  None….I do now.  Or at least I did then.  I don’t know what that being was…I don’t know if it’s still here.  I feel like I can type the words now..but I still haven’t been able to tell anyone out loud yet.  I have hope now.  I’ve had…as you can see other alien encounters since then..the globes over my bed…the small woman…the people holding me down…the very tall alien..they may hate us to, I just feel like they do.  I don’t know if it’s just a trick but at least I now have hope.  I’ve contacted Mufon twice.  The first time I spoke with a man…I kind of tried to tell him about the hopeless one…but I lost contact with him.

I was so distraught I looked like an idiot.  I tried to find Anthony Hawkins e-mail and sent him a message called “code black” in hopes he’d be interested enough to read it.  (that’s a code for emergencies I’d used for my job before).  I even got out the tape measure and measured my kitchen, where I saw the creature…part of day, how the sun was shinning.  I figured if he didn’t think I was some crazy psychotic woman maybe with his brilliant mind it could help us learn how to create the technology faster so we could be invisible…..I was also hoping that if it did help he’d notice that we might be in trouble.

I lived for weeks with no hope for the hope for my children…no hope to even live.  I screamed a lot…and I lived with the fact anyone who found out would die…and I would live just so I knew it was my fault. …but I can write it I feel.  I don’t know what the difference is?

I was contacted again my Mufon when I was telling them of some other stuff.  The woman I spoke to was nice but over ran by other reports.  I never got a chance to speak to her about this alien encounter…we only talked about the positive ones..the grays…the globes..  Talking with her helped though.  I thought things just suddenly started happening.  I was wrong.  I was pregnant once and the technician was confused “it’s like the cord was sliced…your still pregnant but your baby is gone”.  I completely forgot about that…how could I forget about that?  I suddenly remember all the weird stuff…waking up in bed with mud on my feet and in my bed.

Lots of weird stuff.

So, the question is this.  Are we doomed?  Is this hope I suddenly have just something someone or something has implanted in me so I don’t call the warning…because a warning is gonna help us anyway.  Or is there hope?  Is it possible there’s some aliens that will kill us in a drop of a dime and others that wouldn’t?  I’m confused but now I’ve told you…now you can decide what you think.  I had hoped Mufon would take measurements for future use in case the way the light was showing we could use it to help see invisible stuff…but my house is being sold (hopefully soon)…and well I love my house….I’m sure if someone researching light reflection and invisibility could talk the home owners to let them look at the light reflection.  Also, I can’t remember what time of year it was.  I think it might have been winter…but can’t remember.

..also, I feel closely watched now…but in a good way.


One thought on “Alien encounter, I screamed and cried for days

  1. Hello Seepurple,
    Thank you for having the courage and taking the time to share your experience in detail.
    I just remembered an experience/dream that I once had that I still can not quite explain, I forgot that I had made a post about it years ago on my blog, you can read it here:
    I have not had any experiences quite like yours, but that dream/experience above and another dream/experience (this was possibly just a dream, but I can not remember because the memory is too old) that I had when I was a kid are only the only two that I can think of at this time:
    -John Jr

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