POF review

POF review, it’s free…can’t beat that, but……

POF stands for Plenty of Fish. It’s a dating website but here are the ups and downs.



*you don’t have to post a picture to use the site

*free, though you can upgrade for a charge. (I see no benefit of upgrade)

*You can specify particular ages/what you’re looking for/locations/etc


*Like most sites you’re gonna have a lot of married people or people whom are already involved using it as a get laid site. Many of the guys I’ve spoken to state their very iffy do to a lot of fake women. So I’m assuming some men and women get in there and “play”. I would generally assume since it’s free, there’s gonna be more “fake people” listed for people enjoyment of a good laugh. However after speaking with other people they state even the paying site there is people “faking” identities etc for kicks.

*As a girl the above is the main problem. You have a lot…LOT of men claiming wanting just friendship or looking for a meaning full relationship and their just looking for dirty pics of women, nasty talk, or hook ups.


*You can specify what you’re looking for. for example I stated I am just looking for friendships. I have actually had people contact me that stated their looking for the same. Someone to hang out during a weekend, grab a movie, go have lunch together. Simple fun things that usually a girl or guy can’t do when they’ve been in a long relationship and work has been their only social gathering.


* The above is rare…most claim it, then suddenly signs show up showing this person does want to be “friends” but theirs signs of possible cheating on his or her part. GRRRrrrrRRR really people?


Warning signs:

1. Very talkative, friendly, constant, then suddenly cuts off for no reason.

2. Very talkative, friendly, constant, cuts off for days and tries to pick back up with no reason why he/she was gone.

3. Person very open with pictures, meeting, etc..but does seems limited on where he/she wants you to contact them places, times, areas, and hows.

4. Man or woman who states they just want a lunch date and meet new friends but constantly wants to know sexual pleasures you want and enjoy and if you dress sexy. *LOL*…Yes, just had this happen. *sigh*…and he seemed so normal.

Other tips from a girl who just only has two weeks experience:

1. If they have pictures study it, especially the background.

a. Is the picture in the bathroom. Does the bathroom walls look like it’s decorated by a man or woman. Heck any pictures…in the living room, on the tables. If you see a lot of girly stuff and everything is pretty but he’s saying he’s been single for 10 years…there’s your sign. If it’s a girl and the guy notices there’s a pair of manly shoes next to the door and a mans jacket laying on her couch….there’s his sign. I’m all about background…background, look at the reflection of their glasses…who’s taking the pic.

* also gonna add. If you like a clean house…does their background look clean?

* Do they have pets, friends, how are they acting in the picture.

* I’m not a social girl, I’m very introverted but like the outside…so outside pictures and men doing things outside is an eye catcher…you need to look for that. If your not into sports cars and beer drinking..no matter how cute he/she is if he’s smiling, having a good type, but in a bar or has a beer in his hands half the time…hint hint.

* background background. If there is no background…another warning sign. If your type A..look for type A. If your messy…look for messy.

b. sexy men and women….come on really? If you want a hook up go for the sexy pictures. I can’t say I haven’t commented on some of them…beccause OMG there some sexy pictures of men. OH my…one was of this cowboy, shirtless…ripped…*smiles*…..and “NO!” I’m a girl, I’m pretty cute, I get hit on every freaking day. If I want a man in bed I just have to ask (I’m not that type of girl! I’m shy but driven…so NO) Men have the same thing. There are girls on the site showing party scenes etc. So if you want a hook up…leave the rest of us alone. As they say there’s enough POF in the sea. Guys and Girls if you’re not wanting a fast “wham bam thank you” sorta things steer away from the sexy bodies and pictures. *LOL*….admire them from afar.

c. To good to be true. If it sounds to good to be true..it is.


d. Block option. OK, now I have already blocked men on this thing. The perverts…and they don’t even know what I look like. (I don’t put my picture up *LOL*)….that’s true perverts there. However, I ran out of blocks..so I don’t know if you only get so many or so many a day. I’ll let you know.

e. Tattoos ~ Know your gang tattoos. There’s some nice looking men and I’m sure women on there. But check out tattoos. You get into the AC/MM/Tango/AB/Crips/ etc it does not matter how nice they look and act. Any gang member is a bad news. They may have checked no to drugs etc and saying they love family and have kids and looking for a long relationship…skip them. Even if they disassociated from their gang you’re gonna pay the piper.

f. Looking cool = being cold. All of us women like a mysterious man. Just like all men enjoy a mysterious woman. BUT all of us women in the long run are looking for a man who smiles, laughs, works, and will protect us. Like most men in the long run wants a woman that they can take home to mom and dad, acts like a lady in public and a whore in private. So, guys…and girls…don’t try for the whore and hope she calms down when you get serious….don’t pick the guy with the cool car, dark glasses, and serious looks in every picture and hope he’s funny and sweet with a kind heart.

g. The majority of the people on this site are…not good. Thuggy,slutty,none workers, or married people playing a game to get some booty calls. However, like me occasionally one will pop up that might be friendly, sweet, and someone you might get to know for the rest of your life as a friend or if you hit it off someone you like. ….I’m doubtful right now…but hopeful. *LOL*

h. what do they do for a living. Now, your gonna have some not tell you the whole truth. Example me…most of you have known me for years and you still don’t know what I do for a living…and if you do..keep your mouth shut please! Some of us having particular jobs that it’s not good for the public to know about. But in general I still tell them “kinda” what I do. For example (and no this is not what I do) If I was the president and single I wouldn’t go and publish “president”…I’d say working, when someone asked what I’d do I’d say. “I’m a supervisor that manages over a bunch of overpaid rich people. But I enjoy my job especially when I get to travel and meet new people.” That lets the person know…oh at least he/she has a job and they enjoy it or do not enjoy it. Beware of temp jobs or jobs everyone and anyone can do. Don’t be shy..ask them if they’ve been arrested before. If you actually get to know them….do some research. *LOL*…they have something to hide, they will get hurt or angry…if their normal they would likely tell you..”here’s my info, go have fun”.

…..and no, I haven’t been brave enough to meet someone for coffee yet. Though I’ve meet a few very nice guys that seems “normal” and sweet. I’m overly cautious.

That’s it so far. I have to say the majority of the people on this POF is like scrapping the bottom of the fish barrel. (literally)


One thought on “POF review

  1. Re POF:
    It is at least free to contact but, no after 3 years, personally I’ve had zero contacts ie: someone actually willing to meet and have a cup of coffee at least to take the time to get to know one another. I think all these dating sites are plain BS because, abd we are all guilty of it using such, people are entirely too judgemental based on a picture and a few lines, do they make enough money, do they meet my ideal, are they model pretty / handsome, do they like exactky the things I do, etc., True love, is not based on any of this garbage, it comes about when two people spend time together in physical proximity, there is a biochemical reaction in the brain, its 20% visusl and 100% physical (yes 120% making the point that love is more than facts figures and stats can define). We all however have our life experience and its too easy to let those experiences color our view of what we see in a profile and blow off, an individual that might be the right one, just because they don’t fit our ideal. Lets face it, our idea, of the ideal match, is probably 0.000001% of the single population onlne, that fits our exact ideal. It is never going yo happen and if it does, its probably a yet unknown, misconception.
    What I would like to see, a study on how many people that meet online, actually end up together and for how long before their preconceptions reveal that the chosen individual was not what they thought, resulting in termination of the relationship / marriage (if it led to such). Truly I think these dating sites are failing miserably for anything more than those looking to entertain themselves creating fake profiles and the ones looking for hook-ups (I guess is the term now). However, as I said at the onset, at least,, its free (I have spent $hundreds on other sites, same result by the way), not once did any of these lead yo even a date, of a over dozen dating websites, all that money spent, reading tens of thousands of womens profiles, writing thousands of letters of introduction, and nothing. You can bet that a good percentage (perhaos at least 10%) of those thousands, had we met under other circumstances thru friends or out in the real world, and we actually had some time to realky get acquainted in an uninterrupted scenario, it would have led to multiple date(s) at least, a relationship in some cases but, no, not online dating, the worst of human endeavors to meet people. That to me is the most frustrating aspect, because I know better, and yet women it seems, prefer to be lonely, and alone, when there are great guys out there just waiting. The next time they are lonely wishing they had someone to talk to, or home sick and wishing someone was there to make them a homemade bowl of hot soup, or in those long winter nights alone, they can be satisfied they didn’t reply to all those people that might have been an “imperfect” match.
    Oh and by the way, my POF handle is the name used, as the blog owner, knows šŸ™‚

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