Pissed but feel I’m need notify

Gonna make this short as possible. (p.S. ~ Also check my spelling later after sleep)

1. 03:30 am today (yeah….) hum started again…then suddenly it went deep.  Like really deep.  Not like the sound of a large 18 wheeler truck rumbling in the background but deeper.  Deeper then I’ve ever heard it.  So deep I almost couldn’t hear it…but I could feel it.  Actually scared me (but might be because I’m not use to it suddenly humming that deeply)

can't sleep

2. The hum went so deep that it made both of my ears start ringing.  You talk about annnoying…for some of you that know what the hum sounds like try getting tinnitus suddenly in both ears, then having the hum rumble so low it scares you.   I have to say that’s a first for a lot of things today.

3.  What does it mean?….I have no idea.  It’s now 03:48 and on July 1, 2015.  No rain, no storms….alls quiet.  And the deep, deep rumble hum has stopped.  Now occasionally I just hear the off and on (none constant) hum of the typical 18 wheeler truck hum..at this moment)  Oh both my ears have suddenly stopped ringing… It was almost like that deep almost inaudible base hum made my ears ring. (I thought only high noises could do that)

Well now you know why I’m ticked off.  I have to get up in hour and half for work and I loveeee my sleep.  woke up swollen, hot, and had a weird dream about my air conditioner…so I took it as I needed to shut it down some..so I did. (got to listen to gut…and some dreams)…when all was well I had just laid down to go back to beautiful, wonderful sleep….and….well….

Been awhile since I notified any of you about the weirdness but I shot out of bed grumbling and pissed off when that dark and dreary rumble started.  So Now..unless something else happens I’m going to go to bed. (again)..after I drink some coffee (ironic hu)…and enjoy at least 1 hr to 45 minutes of sleep. (hopefully)..*grumble* *pissed* *stomp off*


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