Reasons why someone is unable to learn certain subjects…

I now believe there is a reason why person number one is wonderful at Art, science, and history.  Why person number two is good at math, grammar and economics.   Why person number one, though having an IQ over 100, can not  get a grasp on mathematics and why person number two, whom has an IQ over 100, can’t grasp the concept of how to draw a cube.


Perhaps it’s because we are blocked.

I will use me as an example.  I LOVEEEEE to learn.  Love love love it.  I have probably more than 200 hours of college.  When in front of the TV I’m googling new ideas, how to do “its”, and facts on things. When watching TV I go nuts if I can’t find something educational or something I can learn from.  So in general I “believe” I’m pretty smart (*lol* Course I could be wrong).  I’ve gone through school some for engineering, Science, criminal justice, psychology, art…you name it.   You heard of book worms?  Well I’m a learn worm.  Love knowing things and learning things.  (hence the reason when I dream something that I believe someone is trying to teach me I post it.  You might learn something….and you might get the puzzle before I do.)

Yet, as many of you know, I’m horrible…just horribly at grammar.  I have english teachers in my family…and I’m still horrible.  I’ve taken more English, grammar, etc then anyone I know…and I’m still horrible.  I had two separate professors tell me one day I’d be the best writer.  One told me she knew I’d be famous and wanted to be my editor and wanted me to make sure I never forgot her so I would call her up in the future.  She stated “You need an editor.  You’re a wonderful writer but your grammar, punctuation, word structure…you suck.”

Science, I wanted to be a scientist and artist when I grew up.  Lovedddd science..I wanted to change the world and save people.   What kept me…math.  I could apply math in science…generally speaking.  If it was in those long graphs I was wonderful at it.  You put a beaker in my face and tell me to measure out something….well……can’t do.  I don’t have a college degree because most colleges require you to pass math.  I’ve taken math I think almost 10 times in college, different professors, different colleges….even went back and took remedial….to no avail.  Hence the reason why I have been in college my entire life and no degree…just due to one math class…I get math…I do.  But I’m unable to retain in.  No matter how hard.

I’m like a child in a candy store when I get it.  Bright eyed and so excited…”...I get it.  I see it…how easy.   Why could I not get it.  I remember …it’s so easy.”

Then...*BANG*.”…Ummmm, I had it….why is it not working?  I can’t remember….this makes no since something must be missing..”

Why is this?  I now believe it’s a way our world keeps from slinging forward to fast.  I believe when you or your child struggles in an area they will eventually get it, or just get it enough to pass the subject and then later on try to avoid any jobs or subjects dealing with that particular subject. (I know I did)  That’s why you yourself know there are areas your just not that good at.  That is why I’m not a scientist right now…that’s why I’m not an engineer right now.

Math,  I’m so frustrated with it that  I’m a firm believer that our math is wrong.  I think there’s a number missing between the first few numbers.  Could I be right?

 Probably not….. 

Most Math whizzes will tell you if I was wrong then everything would be chaos and not work.  I want to know math.  I’m fantastic with patters and people, in life, I can connect the dots.  I know if I was great at math I could do amazing connections and solve many things.  But…..I….can’t…and damn our school systems saying you can’t get a degree unless you pass match classes.  I figured by the time I die I’ll have around 500 hrs college..and no degree due to the rules.

I believe my grammar and spelling is horrible because it keeps people from taking me serious.

Case and point George Bush…

…even today people are shaking their heads saying he was stupid, should not have been president…etc due to his grammar being so horrible.  You know as well as I do he probably had a wonderful educational background.  You know as well as I do he didn’t grow up in the slums…there’s no reason for him to have any problems correct?…But fate has it that there are some people who suddenly will turn on anyone in position when that persons grammar is lacking. It’s not their fault…it’s probably their downfall like math is mine.  Their programmed that way.  I meet a guy one time..we were perfect for each other.  We believed the same, we thought the same, we had the same goals.  I was so excited because never ever in my life had I meet someone like me, especially a guy.  We had goals, plans, we could plan everything together…we were gonna be a force to recon with……then my grammar got in the way.  You could tell his sudden excitement was crushed.  You could see the gears running in his head then doubt suddenly rise.  Once again, though it made me angry, it wasn’t his fault.  Sometimes a couple can accomplish too much together so his downfall is to look at people who’s not perfect in speech as inferior….which makes him inferior.  “Never under-estimate your apponent”….and he does…


I can meet someone and their eyes suddenly grow round with wonder as we discuss things…then I’ll say something and I lose them.  I’ve climbed up the latter in my job…and I’m still climbing.  I think my lack of spelling and grammar slows my climb..because the world does not want me in charge right now…..and likely never.  Because I know I’ll change the world and so do my loyal followers who say they would follow me to the end of the world.  That alone shows you I’ll struggle to get any further… slow is the latter….

I’m trying to get there and I can’t.  Just because grammar, Spelling, sentence structure.  Remember I have over 200 hrs college…went to one of the best school districts in the United States during that time…..and still math, spelling, grammar….horrible.  Just horrible.


So what is it your kept from?

What is it that the world is trying to slow you down?

What do you feel you could have changed?



One thought on “Reasons why someone is unable to learn certain subjects…

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    I agree with most of what you said so there is not much for me to say other than I think that you did a good job explaining this, and thank you for sharing some of your personal experiences (congratulations on all of that college experience, and I do hope that you get a degree one day; I hope to get one in the future as well if I can ever return to college again and pick a degree path); and I will attempt to answer some of your questions that you asked at the end of your post.

    1. I keep myself from so many things and am kept from so many things that I can not even name them all.

    2. I am held back mostly by my social weaknesses and not really being well fit for our mainstream cultures, lack of money and a job, lack of more balanced life training that would have better trained/prepared me for this world, and lack of support by society to help people like me wanting to learn and improve/fix themselves and help themselves and help others and society overall.

    3. There is not much that I think that I could have changed really in my opinion based on who I am other than getting help when I was younger and when society would have supported me better, if I would have went to a two-year college first and/or when to the college that I had originally planned to go to, if I would have participated in more social groups and hobbies in school and college and everyday life, and if I would have been a bit less cautious; and some other things that I can not think of.

    4. There are many answers known and unknown to why, depending on what we are talking about there, I am not sure what the why is referring too exactly so I can not answer that until I know what that why is referring too. 😉

    For me, where I am in life now and who I am as a person now, I think that if I had direct in-person support where someone would help me and teach/train me in person giving me a good foundation in various areas while helping me figure out what I really want to do that will fit me as a person that I can do as a career and job; then I could eventually starting learning own my own and doing those things on my own once I get enough skills, confidence, experience, direction, et cetera.

    I probably learn better that way, trying to learn on my own only works for some things for me (maybe if someone taught me to better learn alone, and taught me to learn in general; then maybe I would do better), and so I have been stuck on most things without someone to directly teach/train me until I am able to continue on my own.

    Basically I think that I learn better in a tutor or classroom setting and where I can get hands-on training, not much on my own at first at least, but after getting a good enough foundation I probably can move on alone from there like I can with some things.

    I would definitely benefit if in person education was free regardless of age, you would have to pay for your own supplies of course, and then I could go and learn many things that I would like to learn and learn to learn better on my own as well; and then I think that my life, that me as a person, and this world would be a better place overall.

    One example of me not really being good at learning alone is how for years I have wanted to learn another language besides English (French being my first choice), improving my English would be nice as well, but I have never been able to get myself to finish any language course ever; and so far the further that I have ever gotten in a language course is on (, but I always give up.

    And it is not just because language is for communicating and so trying to learn alone is not so good, I was never properly trained for independent learning, I have many other flaws that make learning alone difficult (social anxiety, and other issues), and I probably just learn better with a teacher to at least teach me the basic until I have enough knowledge to move forward alone.

    Maybe I am wrong but I would like to test my hypothesis one day, let someone teach how to learn alone and let someone teach me the basic on various topics/subjects, and then set me on my own to study those topics alone once I have a good foundation; and we will see how I do, maybe I will still fail and am just a lost cause, but I am curious to find out.

    Anyway, I am all over the place here and maybe off-topic and speaking jibber jabber, and so I will stop there. 😀

    Thank you Seepurple, maybe you can make sense of all of that jibber jabber I just typed, hehehe. 😀

    -John Jr

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