hum location

I’m a hum girl.   I don’t know why.  You would think that perhaps it’s some family trait since scientist have now stated they finally believe people who hear the hum actually hear a low-frequency.   My question was breaking down possible family connection/ability to hear the hum.  Well even the thought of that is out the door.  No one in my family hears it.  Not my mother, father, brother, nor my one I know can hear it.

Scientists say only 1 in 50 can hear it.  They have ruled out ringing of the ears and state that many scientist people it’s the ability to hear low-frequency noises.  So, that still does no account for my first paragraph.  I would think that would fall in the family trait.

By the way this morning I woke up around 6:00 am on 5-27-15.  Perhaps even a tad bit earlier…the hum woke me up.  It lasted until about 6:25 am.  Today the Hum was loud for that short period of time.

Weather: slightly foggy/over cast

62 degrees outside

50% chance of thunderstorms

Below is a list of things that may or may not help researchers figure things out:

* location maters most of the time.  Some locations though it sounds like it’s also there, it’s heard less frequent/less loud

* I have yet to meet anyone in my area that has it.  But we don’t talk about strange things in this area. (though this area is one of the largest hot spots for things to happen in the United States)

* (most) of the women in my family are sensitive?  Is that the right word for it.  Sometimes see the future.  We have spirits that occasionally come to us and warn us of things.  Usually to tell someone else a warning.  we generally see things others can’t see. Examples include seeing Angels taking relatives up to heaven, Past relatives visiting and waking up a family member to give them warnings of the past. De ja vu (which 100% of everyone has had, so that’s nothing)  So I’m more sensitive…then some other woman.  My family is not allowed to talk about it.  We don’t talk about it with the men we just give them warnings.  We watch nature, nature usually tells you everything.  Such as Ant Beds/Trees/dead snakes/the moon…etc.  BUT on that same hand, the other women in my family are not experiencing the hum.  However, when I am where they are…I rarely hear it.  (they live over 90 miles away)

* It’s been a few years now that I hear it.  It follows me for the most point.  I have noticed during lightning storms it goes away.  The more lighting..the less the hum.

* My microwave no longer works right

* My vacuum no longer works right

* I had to get a new cellphone it stopped working right, would scramble

* Even battery operated things seem to stop quickly around me.

* I go through more car battery’s then any other person I know.

* TV problems

I feel as if something is sucking up the electricity around me.  I would say it’s me but I don’t see that happening.  This sucking up electricity is not normal for me. (cause you know there’s some people who tend to do it naturally)

If you know anyone that’s actually trying to solve the Hum and see what the people who hear the hum have in common please notify me so I can help.

PS ~ I’m wondering seriously wondering if the hum is going off to get some of us to move out of an area?  If so…I live in a city so that would be no bueno.

PPS ~ Sorry if this is written so quickly..I didn’t have much time to think about things.  Just woke up (darn hum)…began writing..hum started…now I’m late getting ready for work etc… to run!


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