Gold pyramids, canyons, cracks, crushed..

There are experiences that are not dreams that I have…but I like to call them dreams because it makes me feel better.  The visit to that world, the waking up and human hands trying to hold me down on that hospital bed.  The dream of that one alien (ironic that the alien dream seemed nicer then the one with the humans trying to hold me down.  I’m still scared)

Then there’s the actual dreams that have meanings I have.  Like the pope kissing the devil  (now that’s in the past), the volcanos, and there were a few others…

Then there’s the weird dreams..the dreams of other lives…like that alien woman who had that growth, the water, they have strange ways…The religious people, then of course I think I’ve visited women, men, black, white, *LOL* and even alien bodies and tried to learn how they feel and act.  (thought most of the time I spent time yelling from inside them “NO!” …because I thought they were making the wrong decision.  Be nice If I could just control them.  P.S. Men are more sensitive in …in…well that region…ewwwwww yuck!   I never want to ever be a man!)

Then there’s the dreams that don’t fit.  The ones I try to forget because I think there just normal boring old dreams.  You know…average dreams.  Sometimes their weird, most times their boring..the normal blah….BUT then there’s the “average ” dream that I want to forget but it keeps popping up in my mind.  The only way it’ll go away I’ve learned is to share it with you.  So maybe meaning?  I don’t know…so here’s the dream for whom ever its ment to go to…

cavernIn a very large vast solid cavern like room I glanced around.  The room was massive more of a large cavern with no windows, no doors from where I could see.  In the cavern was large long bars.  The bars were at least 60 feet (but I’m betting they were maybe more like 600 feet)  and golden metal color.   I could only stand in awe as I looked around the large cavern.  If I trusted my senses this large room was full of large long pieces of pure gold.  Littered everywhere laying on top of each other, piled high.  


I may have asked someone or something but the only answer I got from something was that all those long golden bars belong to pyramids that no longer stood.  Something was thinking of putting those bars back together to create the pyramids.   I was confused, I knew pyramids, but they were made of sand, stone, etc…maybe decorated here and there with gold but not made of gold.  But though I was thinking it, my thoughts went unanswered because whom ever I was with that was showing me this still stayed with what they had told me.  Golden pyramids that lay in ruin but would perhaps be rebuilt.  In fact they planned on it.   Sadly as much as I thought pure golden pyramids being rebuilt…just did not seem very exciting to me.  More of a …questionable feeling.  Maybe because I could not picture it, maybe because that was a LOT of gold.  A LOT!  But something just did not sit right with me as I continues to look around the dark cavern and wonder…how many pyramids are in these huge piles?  How were they disassembled or destroyed?  Why were they placed here?  We were underground, at least we looked and it felt like we were underground.

Next in another version of the same dream I am above ground.  Flying sometimes?  I think, other times I’m walking.  I think I am walking with a male person? (sorry people, I was trying so hard to forget this dream)  In the dream I saw pyramids but these were not bad out of gold, compared to the golden ones these seemed fragile and almost made of straw.  They were built but they began to lift over one another and crush each other.  Perhaps the earth folded over to make it look like they were crushing each other…or maybe it was a metaphor I was seeing and the other pyramids flew over the other ones and crushed them.  All I know is three pyramids (think it was three) suddenly were over some other pyramids and they dropped and all of them were destroyed.   I thought, how sad, you have someone building up new gold pyramids, but the others are being crushed…perhaps they should have been made of gold instead of paper? Or straw?…(something strange)

Then we were walking.  We were searching for something.  It was important we find something.  Strangely I remember being very familiar canyons searching, hiding and seeking things.  As we walked large cracks would appear in the ground.  I could look down inside and see large caverns inside and I was thinking…”what a good place to hide, very safe.”  The landscape seemed to shift underground a lot so I had to watch where I walked.  I was never worried I’d drop through a crack but I was worried me and the male I was with wouldn’t find what ever it was we were seeking…

…..and that’s all I remember.


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