Strange happenings all around and happy mothers day.

tornado heart

This morning around 8am the low vibration started again.  This time, so far it’s not a rumble, nor is it a hum, it’s more of electrical current sound.  What does that mean?  Last night and today I’m on my toes..and I shouldn’t be.  It’s mothers day dag nab it.

P.S. ~ Happy Mothers day!!!!  Hopefully it’s a beautiful one with beautiful weather, no bad news, everyone should gather a breath of fresh air and hug on their mothers and tell them how much they love them.  For all the mothers out there, give yourself a pat on the back, eat something fattening,  try to relax and enjoy our day.  I know I plan on it.

Notes…after my rumble  Dallas and other areas had an earthquake.  On the caprocks loud banging noises could occasionally be heard like a loud shot-gun being fired, but nothing in the area.  I figured it’s the aquifer stretching or popping due to the quakes or due to the sudden increase in water.  No one saying anything…really, but it’s got everyone spooked about sudden sinkholes.  sinkholes don’t happen in this part of the world but when your standing on land that’s just caverns under you and suddenly there are earthquakes hitting all around  you and you hear loud shotgun sounds coming from the ground…well you know. Make a space underneath, shift the world and usually what ever is heaviest comes rolling down.

Also lots of tornado activity lately. (not really anything new in this area but gonna be having to replace wind shield after golf ball size hell killed it)

So today I’m gonna try to ignore the electrical current I hear today, try to enjoy the beautiful weather…(and get some clothes washed *LOL*)…and I’m gonna try to ignore the constant warnings I feel and hear since there’s no book to help me out on how to understand signs like these. (Just learning as I go and trying to remember)…and I’m gonna enjoy my mothers day. (and eat some chocolate ice cream!  Woo hoo!!!)



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