..just because I want to tell you. Your a library.

…just because I want to tell you…and because it’s mothers day so mama’s got control over the computer *mwahahahahaha!!!*

As always I had a dream…one last night was important, however, I’m sorry I’m lazy and I forgot it.  So hopefully it’s not that important.

So to make up for my laziness and the fact I want to write today I had another dream about a week or so ago that I’ll sorta share with you.  It was an answer to a riddling question.

There’s a select random people selected throughout the world.  I feel there is nothing special about these people but they were randomly picked to be information stop.  Yes, some people were selected as a…well…think of it like a gas station.  Your traveling around occasionally you need to stop refuel, get some information.  Sorta like dots on a map.  You have dots for cities and towns, you can decide to go to a particular town maybe because that town is known for their beautiful tulips that are gown there.  You’d go and check it out.  Later you might want to go visit the city that’s known for brewing beer and you want to go visit and see how they make it, so you go there.  Each time you stop you learn something….


So..it’s sorta like that.  Random people are one stop shops for learning and understanding.  Maybe even experimenting…who knows. It sounds horrible but when you sit back and look at it, we do the same.  We call in vacations, or we visit a library.  In my dream that’s what individual people were…like a library of information that each one might have something new that another could learn.

So there’s a dream for you…


3 thoughts on “..just because I want to tell you. Your a library.

  1. Thank you for sharing that dream Seepurple, having individual people available for learning/information/understanding/et cetera is an interesting concept/thought, also for some reason that map image looks a bit like a map painted on someone’s butt and lower back. 😀

    -John Jr

    1. Lol..it is a map on a rear. The dream was strange as strange and simple as that picture above. Have not had a lot of time to write you but keep writting…been reading your blog.

      1. So I was right/correct, hahaha, thank you for clarifying that Seepurple; and thank you for the encouragement. 😀

        -John Jr

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