warning? Rumble, Rumble…

This sound is slightly different from the hum.  I hear and feel a low, low almost comforting rumble.   I don’t know what that means?  I can feel it in the air, I can feel it in the ground,  I had hoped it was some automobile outside.  I went outside and all I hear is traffic passing by and everything is good.

So, in short…you know and I know something is happening.  I should know, but no weird dreams, no ancient ideas, no bad mojo feelings.  In fact I would say today was going to be a great day…but even now I can feel and hear the rumble.


4 thoughts on “warning? Rumble, Rumble…

    1. Its nice that some scientist are getting more info. Some are getting it wrong, others right. I’m gonna start trying to document on my wordpress. Perhaps one day some researcher will get it right.

      1. Yes, I think that it would be interesting if a researcher contacts you or you contact them one day, and then your experiences could go toward the research on this topic.

        -John Jr

      2. I would hope so. Actually I’m thinking…I could be wrong..but that the hum is coming from the orb I’ve seen. Perhaps wishful thinking to pin point it.

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