OH What? Dating soon? Already worried..

Of course my divorce is not finalized but due to the fact my soon to be ex and I have been separated since October 2013 and in the middle of actual divorce since this January..well..OH no.

I have just suddenly realized I don’t want to date.  I love being married.  I love being with only one man.  I haven’t dated in…well over a decade…and even then I hated it.  OH my..

I just want to say for a girl it’s so unfair.  Especially when my soon to be ex was unfaithful.  At least he’s been on the dating scene (for a while with his five or more lovers…not to mention….grrrr sorry can’t tell you yet). OH crap…

So I looked up a blog on some guy that tried out some app called Tinder.  I figured I’d at least read about it and see if that was a good start.  From what he stated it’s a buffet of women (and men) wearing hardly any clothes and most men are there for one night stands.  I’m a girl, I don’t want one night stands.  If I did I’d just walk to a bar and ask for takers.  Us girls have that advantage.  But that’s not me.  Oh *sigh*….

Next problem..as you can tell on any of my stuff I’m not a picture girl.  So how do I do that?  If I take a great picture of me, then what if during a date night the guy goes “ugh, that’s not what she looked like on the picture.”  If I take a bad picture a man (yes, being sexist but only due to facts) a man always goes by looks first.  What if I lose a very good future guy as a lover or friend due to a “bad picture” and hooty girl gets him. Oh pooy…..

What about sexy picture.  I have sexy pictures.  I’m a pretty girl….but I don’t want them on the internet.  I have a job to worry about.  I don’t want them on someones phone…they’ll wind up on the internet.  But will I regret not trying to compete with betty boop for a date?  Also, how to you date and let a man know he’s not gonna get lucky because I’m not a fast stop and go for a man.  At least I don’t want to be..OH Help……

I hate my soon to be ex!  We were suppose to grow old together, go on vacations together, take care of each other, laugh and giggle all night long, cook dinners and fight over toilet paper rolls going the wrong way.  Now I have to either prepare myself for the weird dating world of today..start showing picture of myself like a commercial…and pray to God I get a half way decent man.  Or just stay single for the rest of my life.  OH I need advice……..

Needing advice…..

When the time comes what do I do?


4 thoughts on “OH What? Dating soon? Already worried..

  1. I don’t know you, but from this post I can tell you are way over-thinking this. Don’t do things that make you uncomfortable just for the sake of finding someone.

    And if you’re this worried about getting back out there, then maybe you should give yourself some time to build up your confidence. Figure out what you want, what you are willing and not willing to allow back into your life!

    You’re going through a very difficult event and that takes time to heal, especially for sensitive, intelligent people like yourself. I say give yourself some time and don’t worry about dating and Tinder and all that, just focus on being happy. Make some new happy memories with yourself, your friends and family.

    1. I think your completely right. It’s just hard to get into that mind frame of “I don’t need to make someone else happy.” I’ve got to learn to think “I need to make myself happy”. Thank you so much for bringing me back to the ground. I’ll be happy if I can stay here for awhile. *LOL*

      1. Yay! Sorry I butted in, it’s just that i was in the same place a few months ago and know exactly how overwhelming and scary it all seems.

        I made a list of links to help me get over things, here are some. I hope they help you as much as they did me!


        This one made me laugh a lot:

        It SAYS breakup but it could pertain to divorce as well:


        Good luck!

      2. Oh no, you didn’t butt in. In fact that’s why I post it to a blog. I want to hear ideas, opinions…and need the help. Otherwise I’d just write a book on what I thought. Nope definately hear to learn things. What better place. Sorry to hear you went through the same thing. If we were in the same town/city I would say lets go to a coffee house and talk some man bashing for some good laughs. (sorry guys). I’ll check out the links. Especially the one that made you laugh. I think I’d really like that.

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