future shopping list

New (used) car that’s not broke____

Three Borrby lanterns to grow herbs in ______

Microwave that’s not possessed *lol* _______

Land _____


New vacuum cleaner_____


3 thoughts on “future shopping list

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    Making a future shopping list like this is an interesting idea; and it could also be used to help give family/friends/coworkers/et cetera gift ideas. 😉


    About microwaves, I once had a strange experience years ago back when I was still in public school where I was alone at my parent’s house trying to take a nap or something in a bedroom when they went to the store or something like that, and at some point I noticed that the room started to get cold oddly (even though I do not think that it was cold outside, and the air conditioner was possibly not even on; but I can not remember, and I do not think that the rest of the house felt that cold but I can not remember) and I started to feel scared and strange for no reason; and then I heard the microwave making noises in the kitchen like someone/something was pressing buttons on the microwave, and at some point after maybe checking to see if the electricity was working in the bedroom and after checking the house to make sure that it was empty I went in the kitchen and I did not see anyone/anything and the noise had stopped and the microwave seemed to be getting electricity I think so I was not sure what was going and this freaked me out so I walked outside and then to my grandparent’s house to see if their electricity had went out or not and because I was scared. 😀

    I can not remember if my grandparent’s electricity had went out or not or if ours did or not, it is possible that the electricity was going on and off/surging causing the microwave to glitch and make on and off noises or something like that, but I am still not sure why the bedroom got cold like that and why I felt afraid and strange before things started to get weird; that was a strange experience, and that was one of the closest experiences that I can remember that I had that seemed possibly/almost/somewhat paranormal/supernatural/whatever but there is probably a logical explanation of that experience.

    Anyway, good luck with your future shopping list, Seepurple. 😉

    -John Jr

    1. Yes, I thought a shopping list online so I can easily view it at any time or update it any where in the world was a good idea. I swear wordpress is easier to get in then putting something in the cloud or e-mail. Plus I think it’s interesting to see peoples goals and ideas. Heck, that’s why I come to visit you and the others.

      It’s kind of like you mentioned before about that movie. Here reading peoples lives and wants is almost like my dreams. Except instead of looking through your eyes I get to read just enough for you to let me know something and try to imagine myself. Some people are outright there in your face. Others only give you a tiny bit and you’ve got to piece it all together.

      So did you ever find out what happened with that microwave? did it ever happen again? I think mine is just old and going out. Though I do feel my house is either mad I’m trying to leave it or telling me to hurry and get out. Haven’t figured it out yet.
      I swear I just don’t need to be around anything that’s plugged up. The car, the microwave, now my vacume cleaner. *ugh!* TV’s been acting up,…OH and my cellphone now keeps turning on and off. Got a clock with batteries since I can’t rely on anything electrical plugged in, well it runs to slow. I’m just not having luck around electricity of any sort lately.

      I’m also having the same problem you had. I suddenly get cold chills all over. No matter how many blankets I cover up with, no matter how much I move around or do jumping jacks. The only two things that work is. Lay out in the sun against cement or brick and bask there for awhile…but usually what does not help to much. Otherwise I have to bath in very hot water until my temperature gets warm enough…then I’m perfectly normal. It’s like I have to find energy and eating energy does not help. I have to recharge my body. *LOL* FUNNY sounding hu? I hate it. Scares me to death relying on water. What if I go somewhere and there’s no hot water? or water (cause I know I can boil water to get it warm).

      Glad to know your as weird as I am *LOL*.

      1. That is a nice and interesting way to view and use WordPress.com.

        I never did find out what happened that day with the microwave or why only one bedroom got cold as far as I can remember, it was many years ago so my memory of it is flawed, and it never happened again as far as I can remember; but I could be wrong. 😀

        That is a bit strange and unfortunate to be having problems with so many electrical devices like that, hopefully it is not a problem with the electrical wiring in the house or sabotage, and hopefully it will all be resolved without having to spend much if any money. 😉

        Your cold chills sound different than what I experienced that day, if my memory is correct only that bedroom felt cold to me and the rest of the house and the outside felt normal oddly, I am no doctor but your cold chills sound like something that you might want to get checked to make sure that everything is physically okay to be safe and/or you can do some basic checks yourself like checking your blood pressure and heart rate and body temperature et cetera during the cold chills.

        When I think of cold chills like that some possible causes that I think of include: anemia/low blood count, blood pressure issues, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, an infection, an allergic reaction, menopause/menstrual cycle issues, et cetera; hopefully it is nothing serious.

        Yep, I can be weird at times as well 😀 . 😉

        -John Jr

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