Solid black fighter jet?

1st that darn humm is back.  I went to sleep even though I could hear it, than as usual woke up around two in the morning.  By that time the humm was so loud it was hard to sleep.  I literally had to turn on the darn TV to help.  Almost laughed because I was flipping between news stations late last night.  Each talking about the same thing, however the humm was less noticable on some stations on then other, even during commercials.   I bet you can’t guess what I did due to this?  YEP, Watched those stations. *lol*

Needless to say around three am I was able to get sleepy enough to go to sleep.  Now my dream I had…might have literally been due to the news I had been watching. (remember the main news right now is the suicidal pilot.  Stupid man! Personally, no offense to his family, hope he burns in hades killing all those innocent people.  THAT IS IF he did it.  We don’t know yet, he could have passed out, had a heart attack etc.  In that case I hope God hugs him and tells him it’s ok)

So to my dream….

Large light brown buildings surround me.  Some tall trees litter the area.  Around me are people standing around.  I’m talking to a few and I have a few people around me that I’m familiar with.  Friends or family (I’m not sure).  A lady dressed professionally and very fair and pretty.  Her hair is short, cut cute, and she’s very confident in her walk.  Both of us introduce ourselves to each other.  The sun is shinning and there’s a group of us talking.  I’m surprised to find out she’s a sort of doctor -pharmacist type person. I believe more of the doctor then sales rep.  She explains to me she treats radiation.  I was thinking she didn’t seem to really fit into our group.  I said goodbye to her and left.  I think I was with my soon to be ex or perhaps another man as we began to walk away.  Suddenly she runs to me, grabs my purse and stuffs a piece of paper into it.  Looking at my surprise she gently smiles to me.  140 hours free radioactive treatment for you…in case you need it later.  She pauses for a second, then smiles again “It’ll safe you a lot of money if you ever need it.  Don’t loose it.”  Then she hurries back to another group of people.

We are on a street, though it’s not busy.  The day is nice and sunny but not hot at all.  A very pretty day.  I glance at all the buildings, which surround me, there’s at least 12 stories  on each building.  most are made of large blocks, tall buildings but pretty.  Reminded me of college or hotels, not like a business district.  Though I can’t really say why we were all outside and going from one group to the next.  So it might have been some type of business deal.  I remember I was walking with the man in my dreams under some trees and rounding the side of one of the buildings to see another tall similar building.

Suddenly there was a solid black small jet like plane.  I was mesmerized by it because I’d never seen one like that.  It’s front was more round than pointy, instead of two wings it had four wings.  There looked to be only enough room for one person to fly the plane, however I couldn’t tell.  It flew easily in and out of the buildings, it had the ability (like some of the helicopters can) to stay in a spot, perhaps even fly backwards (though I don’t recall it flying backwards).  It would round a building then stop.  Suddenly the crowd knew it was being attacked.  The world went into adrenalin overload.

I ran to the backside of the main building.  My only thought was survival at this time.  I wondered about the short-haired woman and wondered if she had knowledge of what was about to happen.  The other large building behind the first one was not a solid building but had a crevice where one wall adjoined the other, in short, not much of one but a corner.  I grabbed the man I was with and told him we needed to get in the corner.  That was our best hope.  Other people followed us.  We got to the corner and placed our backs against the wall.  More and more people streamed out of the buildings.  Though it was bringing them into shooting view of the small black jet, they knew as well as I did your chances outside were greater.  Everyone had the 911 event on the brain, as I did, and knew easier to try to stay out of plain view, but steer clear of trapping yourself inside a building that might be coming down soon.

Then something strange happened.  I heard hollering, heard sirens, people screaming, the usual sounds of such a horrible event.  There was a large tree close to the corner of the building we were waiting at.  I sneaked over and took a peek to the street.  The black jet was gone, however in the road were three men.  One was a large husky man, he had a large looking riffle strapped across diagonal on his back, he had his hands sorta held up but not really.  As if deciding.  Two thinner looking men were with him.  They were yelling, the law enforcement for our side was yelling for them to surrender.  my focus went to the large husky man.  I was thinking he’s not gonna lay it down, he’s gonna go out with a bang.  He suddenly turns and looks at me and I swear he smiles, suddenly he grabs for his guns, so does the other two and they are fixen to start shooting as many innocent people as possible….and I wake up as my alarm goes off….

Darn news!

The most interesting thing is that jet.  It was for a fighter jet…beautiful!  And soooo soooo real.  I looked on the internet and could not find one like it.  I’m trying not to look anymore because it’s making me forget the details of the one I dreamed about.


4 thoughts on “Solid black fighter jet?

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    It is unfortunate that the hum is back bothering you again, the fact that its intensity varies depending on the station/channel/commercial/et cetera is interesting, hopefully small clues like that can help with figuring this mystery out one day.

    That was an interesting dream that became pretty intense suddenly and it ended on a cliffhanger and several things in the dream stuck out to me like: the woman giving you 140 hours of free radioactive treatment (I wonder what that was all about?), the four-winged fighter jet/aircraft (sounds like a unique design that would have been interesting to see), and the way that the large man at the end smiled at you (disturbing, scary, freaky, et cetera).

    Thank you for sharing your dream and I hope that hum goes away. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. Humm went away, occassionally hear it way way in the background like it’s maybe some miles away. However, don’t know if that’s just my brain playing tricks on me. Sorta like when you ears ring. However, I’ll take a humm anyday over ears ringing. Ugh, hate that high pitched sound. Hmm is a very low vibration, sounds like a huge engine sitting outside. Dream was stange. Luckily I’ve had normal dreams so far, at least that I remember, so all good. That plane was very cool looking. Wish I had taken the time to draw it. It was so real, flew so well,…and was pretty if not completely silent when flying. I think the four wings is how it might be able to hover. I’m not a plane girl but really thought that plane looked neat. Slap me next time I don’t take notes. If that had been anything useful (not that it was) I could have sent that to someone I know who could have looked at it to see if it was even possible. (yes, slap me know *LOL*)

      1. Hello Seepurple,

        So the hum went away, good. 🙂

        Well, maybe next time you will take notes, and maybe it will finally be a dream invention that can be made in the real world. 😉

        -John Jr

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