Cheating words and actions to beware of…

If you don’t trust me get out.

This is usually an empty threat but one they tend to really build up.  In short they will claim that relationships must be built on trust and if you can’t trust them or if your being snoopy they say either to trust them by their word or get out.  (if you were smart ANYONE that says this to you, get out)

I guess I’m screwing everyone I meet.

This like many other are reverse psychology and ironically to a trusting person from a lying person it usually works.  Because it does sound ridiculous when the person says this.  I’ve learned time again and again when you point out some “strange” relationship or you think your significant other is getting to close to a particular person and you point it out if they say the above….Get out.  Because that’s a reverse “yes I am him/her and at least one other”.

You need to let go of the past.  What done is done and I’m a changed person.

Beware on slow-witted counselors on this.  I’ve had a good marriage counselor and I’ve had a bad one.  You can tell the bad ones when your cheating spouse or significant other likes them and wants to keep going.  If your significant other has done you dirty and wrong and they feel completely comfortable with the counselor and not wiggling in their seats and shedding some tears…get a new counselor.  Cheating and Lying can never be forgotten, only forgiven.  If you forgive your significant other but they suddenly start doing shady things or falling into the old routine then throw the above line at you….Either mentally slap some reality in their face or get out.  A cheat and lier must live with what they do and that takes trust to be rebuilt.  They tend to say “ok I’ll do anything for you because I can’t live without you and I’m truly sorry.  I’ll never do it again”, then three to six months later the above line starts to show.  Reality usually if they are gonna fall back to bad habits and they have not learned it’s usually in one year.  So If you had a shady pain in the rear Christmas where you were worrying who was on the phone…guess what, if they have not learned you’re gonna have another bad happy holiday.

Significant other either never places their cellphone in your view, or faces the screen down.

No matter what the excuse it’s a number one sign of “I am already cheating on you”.  This sign is so good that you can literally go into bars and restaurants and walk around and figure out which people are hiding things.  The only difference between the cheat and the faithful is when the faithful start doing it to the cheat to either say “now you know how I feel” then after a few weeks leaves them. *raises hand* and/or because they are leaving the cheating arse and need to make sure their significant other does not know for sakes other personal reasons.

Screen lock on cellphone

Don’t let your significant other claim the screen lock is being used only for  people at work so they don’t get in their cellphone.  Don’t let them claim its due to  the kids  so they don’t make calls.  Also don’t let them fool you into saying they don’t want to butt dial or purse dial someone on accident.  This is number two reason for cheats.  If they are  not cheating on you they don’t trust you and they are hiding or trying to control you.  This is not a relationship and he/she is not your boss.  So unless he/she is paying you to stay out of files and phones…get out.  tip: Faithful, when your ready to leave the cheat, screen lock your cellphone and keep it with you at all times.  Everything he/she did to you do back but don’t say anything about it.  It’ll drive them crazy and feel like maybe the table has turned.

((running out of time to write…will write more later)))


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