My own eclipse started today

Today marks the beginning of a new and excited life.  I turned a year older this month and today something has happened that has forever changed my direction in life.  I can never go back and all I can do is tread forward to see where this unknown road will lead me.  This entire day had a very strange vibe to it.  Even work was just strange.  I wasn’t the only one that felt it everyone I worked with mentioned it.  Most were so happy the day was ending.  I also was counting to this point…the point I am right now…here.

I spent last night and all today wondering if I was even going to survive the night…and I did.  It’s hard to explain but when things go wrong in your life and emotions are high you think the worst in other people.  I was prepared to realize I might have to fight for my life though right now it seems so silly and extreme.


Actually you do not “think” the worse.  You “prepare” yourself for the worst and that is what I did.  Perhaps not as much as I should have but I did prepare and take cautious steps.

Happily I can say that the day did not go as bad as I thought…not even close.  Thank God! (Literally)  I owe it to him everyday.   I would laugh and call myself a fool for being so scared but unlike the actual planetary eclipse mine is only half way done.  So I will continue to hold my breath but right now…the main darkness is over and hopefully the light will slowly start to shine again.


So today was an eclipse that I never got to see, except for on the computer or images on the cellphone.  Today is my eclipse for me that none of you will never see except on the computer or reading on the cellphone.  But I am excited and I can not wait until the worst is  over so I can finally breath life in again.


3 thoughts on “My own eclipse started today

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    Happy late birthday, it is good to hear that you are moving in a new direction, and I hope that it will be a positive direction for you. 🙂

    I did not find out about the solar eclipse until the next morning when I read a BBC news article about it and watched their video of it.

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

    1. Thank you for the belated birthday wish. It was not a very good birthday but just like I stated things are hitting the climax of my story right that means hopefully everything will start getting better. I’m very excited! Sorry haven’t been able to be on as much as I’d like. I enjoy our discussion on dreams. Can’t say I’ve had anything strange dream wise going on with me. Nor any thing that I’ve seen per say. Just drama in normal life. *S* Go figure.

      1. You are welcome Seepurple, hope for the best, but be ready for the worst. 😉

        Interesting, I would have thought that some of the real life drama would have effected/affected some of your dreams, but hopefully things will stabilize in both of those areas soon.

        It is good to see you blogging again Seepurple; thank you for replying. 🙂

        -John Jr

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