Divorce idea part 1….Lawyers…..

“Whats it called with 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?” ….”A good start…”

lawyer So it’s been since Superbowl Sunday that I have told my cheating husband I want a divorce.  We’ve gone through the whole…drama from screaming, yelling, fighting, 911 calls…to normal dinners, taking time with our baby girl. I have talked to lawyers, which at the moment were broke…really broke.  I’m broke…which is another fun thing I’m gonna place on my lying husband.  His trips the bars, spending time with his friends, and taking his girlfriends out to dinner leaving me…well here.  *sigh*…but the nightmare is at least hit the climax…now I just need the book to come to the chapter to close my life with him. I’ve had lawyers before, most range between 1500 to 2500 dollars up front.  Most will do free consultation.  Most will make you feel fantastic by saying “that son of a biscuit eater!” , “Will get that squirrely son of a dog”, and so on and so forth.  Lawyers are typically con artist.  Their main deal is to just turn in forms for the court and stand to represent you…oh and haggle with the other attorney.  Ironically the first lawyer I had cost me in the pocket of almost 5000 by the end of it.  Went to court…maybe twice for max amount of time of 10 minutes…and was spending most of his time playing golf with the assailants attorney.  *sigh*…At least act like you hate him/her until the end. My second attorney cost about 3500 to 4000 dollars in the end, went to mediation, court, she was pretty great.  Always late to the meetings, always never showing up…but the other lawyers hated her….and the judges did also.  I did like her because she did a payment plan and even when money got tight…she never bugged me about it.  I actually finally paid her off, then send another 100 dollars to her and her secretary to buy lunch. ***Which reminds me quick note…If you owe someone and don’t pay it off like you stated you did remember you owe them more than you stated..always pay them back more, tell them thank you, send a card…if you can’t pay them back more..you can in the future.  Eventually you’ll get birthday money, christmas money, sell something on e-bay, christmas bonus (never seen that before), or you get a raise…always pay back what is owed plus some!!!  You owe them that.** payit Laywer Number three I’ve had…Girl, young, very Christian, had a family.  Sweet as can be….dumb as rocks.  *sigh*  Poor girl could never remember what I told her, let the other lawyer get away with murder….and has not only cost me a great deal, but cost me in the long run because she never listened.  Needless to say after her I was done with lawers….however…. *sigh*….*sigh*…however who would have thought I would need to divorce the love of my life? GrrrGGGGrrr.  So I have limited resources so contacted various “other” lawyers…the one I want it’s almost 5000 dollars down up front.  But I heard he’s gooooood.  I don’t have the money.  Heck I don’t even have a credit card (silly me)…Gonna have to go get one now.  (I’m a tight wad, my husband is the opposite.  Think that’s how we survived, though it’s caused lots of very dark debates) So, it’s either the no-show lawyer…or no lawyer.  I have a girl who works for me that use to work the courts.   She and other people state I can just go to court and file myself.  I’ve talked to my husband, whom still states he does not want a divorce, but states he will not fight me over it.  (mainly because I’ll be calling his women to the stand as witnesses for my side, not good for his career, or for the other women to know about each other). So today…I’m seeking divorce papers online.  I would go down to the county court but their closed…..I think.  They should be. HMMMMmmmmm, gonna call and find out.. Let you know how it goes…


5 thoughts on “Divorce idea part 1….Lawyers…..

  1. Good luck Seepurple, I have no idea how any of that/this works, but hopefully you can find or ask around for someone who can help you with this for free and/or cheap and/or who is willing to help you handle this on your own (I imagine there has to be someone/some group/some organization out there to help people in your situation, but I could be wrong).

    -John Jr

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