Hum is back…should be called a rumble

Really haven’t had time to write.  Sorry about that.  Trying to sort out my life as you know since I left my husband as most of you know.   I had to make a quick note though.  The darn Hum which has been gone or distant for a long while has come back.  Once again I don’t know why we call it a hum, it’s more like a low constant rumble like the sound of a big rig but everywhere.  In the sky, outside your door….luckily TVs and noise can drown it out.  But Its still very scary.  Not everyone can hear it which makes it harder to pin point the sound. (and yes, have had my ears checked by nose, throat, ear doctor….also “no” it’s not anything like ringing in your ears…that’s more annoying)

Also very strange dream.  Don’t know if I was myself or if I had jumped inside someone again.  I’m thinking I might have been hitching a ride again.  I dreamed of three different round crafts.  The person I was in was upset because they wanted a more sophisticated, dangerous craft but those over the crafts were not allowing it yet.  They kept telling him or her (I actually think I hitched in a guy’s body…ugh!!!) it just wasn’t time yet.  Perhaps later.  The “guy” was very upset about the issue.  The “group” over the crafts….well I don’t think they cared what he thought which just made him more angry.  The second craft that he ….I guess flew….alone was roundish but more oval…like an egg.  It had lights inside and I was confused if it actually flew or if he could go back through time?  I don’t know I could feel what he was thinking and feeling but when you visit someone you can not dig in their mind and learn everything they know…which makes it very frustrating.  So yes, flew with him….but seriously have no idea if we even went anywhere and he was more concentrated on his own “I’m so pissed off”.   I do not know what craft he’s speaking about either..can only guess.,,,

Ok time for coffee!!! Yummy….and getting ready for work *sigh*….and listening to the constant lowwww rumble like a horrid big rig from hades…..GRrrrrrrrr


3 thoughts on “Hum is back…should be called a rumble

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    I saw this video on YouTube today and it made me wonder if this could be one possible explanation of the hum that you hear sometimes:

    -John Jr

    1. I’ve thought the same thing. It’s very possible. I’ve read up on that also. Like today I can hear a rumble in the air, vibrating in the ground. Something is happening somewhere…but it’s close like the Hum but it’s not the Hum. When the Hum hits everything is strange, weird, dreams, I can’t sleep etc. Today the Rumble low pitched rumble I hear can easily be tuned out…the HUM will wake you. Almost, Almost like that annoying ears ringing..just not as bad. I’m scared the Rumble I hear is the earth shifting..but I don’t live in a earthquake zone. Maybe it’s fracking going on.

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