The World goes dark..

The last few nights I dreamed but can’t remember any of them.  I think due to the stress of leaving my husband it’s just been…well one extreme to the other.

Last night however I had a dream for everyone else again.  Actually it was in one of my normal messed up dream (which I’ll skip) so I’ll just get on with the message…because I have NO CLUE what it means. (so far)

There was a large crowd of people all gathered around the tall grass and a outstretch field though most of the people were still standing under the eve of some building.  Mainly to keep in the shade.   Most everyone was in good spirits.  I believe there was men, women and children.  I could not figure if it was for a picnic or some sort of fun thing everyone goes to.  I just know even though I questioned the dream I got no answer and so I just did what I do naturally, go on.

Just a step away from the eve and out of the shade was a large rectangle glass pool.  The entire thing was glass and see through and filled almost all the way to the brim.

No one was swimming in it.  Me being a waterchild was all about getting into the pool and soaking in the water.  Another person also followed me.  As we got into the water I realized the water was very dirty.  Mainly leaves, dirt, grass, bugs, floating everywhere in the water.  Though I was not happy with this and neither was the person that was also trying to enjoy the water with me, we kept swimming and wading around the water.

The majority of the people watched us.  Most (especially the other women) watched us in discuss.  Not because we were in the water, but because we chose to swim in dirty water and they just could not see themselves doing that.  I was enjoying the water the best I could.  I would rather be in the water then out of the water.  The sun was shinning, then suddenly the world turned pitch black.

Not like a slow cloud crossing the sky, not like the slow slide of the lunar eclipse, but like there was light…then there was none.  It was darker than usual. Everyone gasped.  I looked up into the sky and saw stars clear as you would see them out in the middle of no where around two in the morning.  So clear, so strange…and the darkness did not leave.  I grabbed the person that was with me and stated we needed to get home now.

I know in my dream mind I pictured something going between the sun and the earth (and not the moon).  Something large, huge, scary.  I knew something was about to happen.

The people around me were thinking it was a strange cloud or a lunar eclipse that was happening.  As I ran past them and hurried away I was still amazed at how naive most people are.

I woke up and never forgot this dream.  I can still see the stars over head.  I can still feel my heart pound when the world suddenly goes dark.  I’m still worried…what if?  What if something large did pass in front of the sun.  What kind of impact would that do.    It was a crazy dream but once again it’s one of those I’m suppose to write down. *LOL*  It was a very scary, scary feeling…

…but I also know dreams.  Sometimes there just metaphors.  Guess will see.


3 thoughts on “The World goes dark..

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    That was an interesting dream, do you remember hearing any strange sounds during and after everything went dark?

    This dream somewhat reminds me of a few of my past dreams, one where something was wrong with the sun and it made a strange sound, and another where another planet/whatever appeared near the Earth I think.

    Thank you for sharing this dream. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. I can’t remember. If you think of any sounds let me know, maybe it’ll jog my memory.
      I do know my main focus was on the sun. That’s what I was thinking, either the sun just suddenly went out or something like a planet, huge astroid, something very large was passing by between earth and the sun and blocking the sun out completely.
      I knew this by thought only because I was using my eyes in my dreams to gage the brightness of the stars..and they were never ever so bright. They were beautifully bright in a dark and errie way. I figured in my dream the only way the stars could light up even more bright is if the sun was blocked out completely and utterly by something passing by…or like I stated the sun went out. The thought of the sun going out makes my skin crawl…if that ever happened everyone would die, and die fast.
      I never found out what it was but I can’t stop thinking about it. If you come up with some ideas on your past dreams or any sounds let me know. I don’t think there were any sounds (except me making waves in the water, and people talking all around)

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