black snake with three tails and the canyon

Sadly I do not have time to tell you the full dreams I had early this morning so you’ll have to forgive me for jotting them down quickly and running.  (Got to watch Sons of Liberty Woo hoo!!!)

1st dream is a meaning for someone.  I haven’t figured it out and it kept me up most of the morning trying to figure it out.  So I’ll try to keep my opinion out and jot down some notes

Two Indian men from India want to show off the most deadly snake in the world.  They are very proud that they were able to live with it and keep it calm.  As they bring it out towards a building as they want to show off the glistening large black snake, they began carrying the large thing towards the corner of a stone building.  There is a ladder and their wanting the large black snake to crawl up.  As I stand there I notice on the snakes back are two baby’s still alive but strapped to the back of the snake.  The snake has not harmed them in any form so far.  The children are babies and both are pale in color against the glistening black scales.  The Indian men are not plussed by the children.

As they let the snake go I noticed the tail is beautiful it has a normal snakes tail, but it has two sides growing on it like decorations.  A symbol of some type.  The Indian guys are both talking bragging on how long they have to deal with this antagonist and how great they were for keeping it calm.  You could tell by their stories and how proud they were that this snake was a very, very dangerous foe.  They would show me.

The snake began to slowly climb the ladder, then decided …eeeeth….why work so hard.  He had it good, so he turned and climbed down.  During some time I was able to get two babies from the snakes back, or the snake let them go.    The snake coiled back in the corner of the wall and seemed content.

The two Indian guys from what I believe was India were mortified.  They wanted me to see how dangerous their greatest foe was.  How can they brag if I didn’t see it for myself.  During this time another girl stepped up and was also standing by me.  She sat down and began to take care of the two babies.  I continues to look at the snake and all I could think of was “idiots….I know how dangerous this snake of yours is.”  “idiots…you are gonna get us all killed”…”idiots…bragging is a sin.”…..”idiots”….

The two India guys get angry at the great and mighty black serpent and pick it up and break it in half.  Now the snake is….angry.  The serpents speed increases.  It begins to try to strike at things.  The men are not happy.   They keep bragging on and on about how mighty they were at keeping such a serpent down and I had to see the strength, speed, and quickness of the serpent to know how great they were for keeping him down.  The grabbed the black serpent and broke it again…and again, and again.  Each break made the black glistening serpent angrier, quicker, stronger.  Each time it broke it could think of nothing but killing.


The serpent suddenly turned and began to go after us four.  The girl sat on the sandy earth and held the babies close to her.  I stood between her and the snake. I used the snakes old body to help shield  the children.

(I just figured it out!!!….sorry back to the story)

The india type of men stomped on the snake not to hurt it but to make is stronger, faster.  When they were finished they had broken the snake down to just its head.  The head was so fast-moving you could not even see it moving.  The only thing that protected the girl and the kids was using the snakes old body and trying to guess where the snake was planning on attacking.  The men, just sat back and watched.

I don’t think they were proud anymore of what they did.  But I think they were happy the serpent was not going after them.  So they were playing it smart…they started it, but they would not finish it.


By the way I just told you I figured it out.  This is another boring political dream. I don’t know if the men were from India but it seemed to be.

Don’t know what the serpent represents but I would guess that it might be terrorist?  I don’t know…but they key is the serpents body.  That’s how I was able to protect us, it was using the serpents own body as a shield.


2nd dream

I was traveling a long way for a doctor’s appointment.  I don’t know what was wrong but I was just driving..not thinking.  Then suddenly I realized I was on someones private land and going down a road.  The land was canyons and rocks. There was not place to turn around and half curious and also trying to figure out how long I’d been driving and how I had even gotten there…I suddenly find myself fixen to go down a large hill.

I see what looks to be like a fence line and possibly a cattle guard.  Actually I think it was just a fence with a gate and a large metal chain over it.  I suddenly stop my vehicle.  I see up in the air a large aircraft speeding across the sky and leaving a trail of white fluffy smoke like most jets do.  In front of me after the gate is a man standing with a hard hat, he’s sweaty and dirty and looks like he’s been mining.


I glance around and there’s a lot of men standing around looking perplexed on I’m assuming how I got there.  From the gate the hill rolls down steeply.  I’m happy I stopped because unless I have four-wheel drive I wouldn’t have made it back up the sloop.  Not to mention I would have gone through the gate torn up my car, and likely killed they guy standing on the other side of the gate.

I think about just quickly backing up and turning around and heading back down the road.  But number one….I don’t know how I got here and I know I was put there.  Number two…I don’t know if the road had other turns that I don’t remember and I might…just might need directions.  Number three…I’m curious…curiousity killed the cat but as you know satisfaction brings her back.

Rolling down the window I smile as cute as I can.  Though all these work men have this “oh shit girl” look on their face.  “hey” I say smiling…”I don’t know how, but I got lost.  Do you know the way back to the main highway”.

I can’t remember the conversation but I do know I’m in a place I’m not suppose to be.  I know the men are working on something on the land and I’m thinking maybe mining somethings…but I don’t know.  I know without asking not to ask what.  I’d like to be alive.  The men take me to some tin box building that has equipment other offices and rooms.  There’s  all types of stuff going on.

I play the dumb broad, which I am a professional at. (Great for interrogations and or interviews)  When it’s time for me to head out another woman, skinny, pretty, very science type woman comes in and in her hand she has a shot.  She tells me that she contacted my doctor and stated it was ok for me to have the shot.  “It’s nothing to worry about” she says matter of factly, “I’m a doctor and I noticed your breaking out real bad on your right shoulder.  This should help at least til you get to ******* “.

I don’t know why, but when I look, she’s right.  My right shoulder has broken out with red rash.  Though it does not hurt or itch I wonder if I can trust her.  Of course I CAN’T.  I don’t know her from Adam.  “That’s ok” I state.

“I insist” She states…”nope, that’s ok”  I state.  Needless I don’t get the shot but I feel like the rest of my dream even after I leave that area is her or other people trying to shoot me up with something…and I still didn’t figure out what they had out there in the canyons.


3 thoughts on “black snake with three tails and the canyon

  1. Those were two interesting dreams Seepurple, and thank you for taking the time to share them. 🙂

    The first dream with the snake did seem possibly symbolic 😉 , and in the second dream I also assume that those dream characters could not be trusted and that they were trying to hide/cover up something.

    -John Jr

    1. I would agree with you. I think the first one is just politics. I don’t think it was for me, just one of those “write it down” things. I’m assuming the babies represent the innocent.

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