Learning Lucid

So after talking with “John Jr” *waves at John…Another person I follow.  I’ve decided due to my strange and wild dreams I would try to get a handle on them by learning the art of Lucid dreaming.   So far, my attempt is….well….not working like I want.    I do understand that this takes time to learn and even more time to learn to control.   On the other hand, I think I might just be a quick learner.  Will see.

Before going to bed I decided to do the count on my fingers to five.  Feeling the fingers as I lifted them and counted “one”, “two”, “Three”, “Four”, “Five”.  I had doubts in myself thinking there was no way in the world I could remember to count to five just like that in my dreams.  Guess what?  It worked, I did, but it didn’t go as planned.  I had three dreams, in each dream I remember to count on my fingers…only draw back was it was the technique of counting on your fingers in your dream was to make you realize you were dreaming. *sigh*  It did not work.  I counted, touched my fingers, and counted to five.  …each time there was nothing that was strange or wrong…nothing to let me know that I was dreaming until the dream was over.  Counting on my fingers looked, felt, and was exactly as it was in real life.  In fact so much so that in my last dream while counting in my sleep, I woke up still counting on my fingers.

Irony, I can’t remember the three dreams.  But that’s only  because I disregarded them due to them being boring…but I remember counting on my fingers.

So by the time it hit 2:30 in the morning I did my normal wake up….then went to sleep.  (always seems to be 230 and 330) My next dream was between 230 and 330 am.  When I woke up at 3:30 I actually jotted down part of my dream and here it is.  OH and I forgot to count in this dream…

It’s not a meaningful or important dream….


I and other people were out hoeing weeds around the potatoes.  I was to busy trying to prove I was a good worker that I had made a mistake and actually hoed up some of the potatoes, which were still way to green.  Instead of telling our leader, this military type man of my mistake, I just went where the group was and started hoeing weeds.  I was frustrated because I knew those potatoes could mean the difference of someone eating and not eating.  The food in this world was lacking but I was scared and embarrassed.  Another frustration was the hoe I was using.  I was so wishing for the type of Hoe that we had on earth.  I enjoyed the hard labor, the get down and work, the feeling of doing something.  This one was more of a puzzle.  You stood up tall, instead of leaning over.  The handle went out about a yard, then there was a connector piece, then another yard or so of wood, then another connector piece, then another piece of wood about a yard, then finally a small piece of metal.  I tried to hoe with it, but the more I tried to force it, the more the hoe would just bounce and barely scratch the ground.  I remember the leader looking at me in almost a sort of smirk and a laugh as I tried so hard to use it.  He never said anything.  He never seems to say anything, which is good.  Usually when he speaks…well it’s not good.

Then the dream went to a later time of that day.  The area everyone slept, large walls with boxes at different levels.  Each person had their own box, but it faced another box, but the box before it would be a whole box over or under the other one.  (I really should draw this stuff out for everyone).  One of the boxes had a young chunky boy with an attitude.  He looked to be about eight years old.  He was bout 4 stories high in a box, the area was wide open, nothing was closed up.  He could swing his legs and hit the other box across from him.  Had I been a normal person in this dream I would have been scared to death he would fall or slide out of the box and fall four stories to the ground.  However, I was not normal in this dream.  That was not my son…I do not have an eight year old, chunky son and in the dream there was no worry about children or other people falling.

On with the dream again…..

I was the only one in the resting/sleeping area when the chunky young boy  looked down at me.  “Mom!  I can’t believe you drank the milk” He stated in a chiding sort of voice.  “I glanced at him.  I didn’t need attention to me or to him.  I was still worried about the five rows of potatoes I dug up and that darn hoe.    I looked up “hush!”  “MOM!  Why did you drink the milk, you know we are  not supposed to drink the milk”.  “Ssssshhhhhhh,”  I looked at him “Hush!  I can drink milk.  I  am allowed to drink the milk.”

“No were not!”  He stated “When were you allowed to drink it?”

Aggravated I glance around and see our leader headed in our direction “Hush up!.”  I look up at the young boy whom is my son.   I’d really like to get my hands on him. Does he not know how much danger he puts himself in by not shutting up.  “I CAN drink the milk”  I stare at him.  At this time the leader is next to me.  I want to cower under something but I realize my  son is suddenly in danger for being outspoken in any form.   I know I have to get control of him or the leader will.  I can see the leader taking in a breath and I realize I have to say something now before he does.  “WHO DO YOU LISTEN TO!”  I yell at the top of my lungs.

My son looks astonished.  “The Cosmos” He states as if I had lost my mind.  He states it like I’m silly for asking as if everyone listens to the Cosmos.  “WHO DO YOU LISTEN TO!!”  I yell again my voice suddenly full of rage “I AM YOUR MOTHER!” Suddenly my son is frightened.  “MOM, I listen to Mom.”  He almost whispers.  “WHO AM I”, I  state again as the leader looks at me.

“My mother” the child responds quietly.  “WHO DO YOU LISTEN TO”….I state again…”you, mother” the  child states almost crying.  The leader looks at me and seems content and walks off.  I almost crumble..If only my son knew how bad his spoiled little mind was.  Cosmos?  Everyone always listening to the Cosmos.  Silly children, their suppose to listen to me.

Then I woke up at 3:30am….again realizing I had forgotten to count in that dream.


5 thoughts on “Learning Lucid

  1. That is amazing Seepurple, congratulations, you not only learned that faster than me but you did it better than me; and now you just have to adjust your method, and that should help. (It seems that we both might complete your lucid dream challenge even faster than expected) 🙂

    Looking at your hands and counting them is supposed to be one of the many ways of helping you realize that something is wrong/odd/strange and that you are dreaming, but as you learned that does not work for everyone unfortunately; but you can use this to your advantage since you now have trained yourself to do this even in dreams, all you have to do is train yourself to also ask yourself am I dreaming when you do this, and then try one or more other reality checks such as jumping and/or seeing if a light switch will work and/or looking in a mirror and/or looking at the time and/or a word and look away and look back to see if it changes and/or your own custom reality check(s) based on what you think will work for you. 😉

    Basically the most important thing in my opinion is to train yourself to mentally/verbally ask yourself and/or another dream character am I dreaming, this alone can work sometimes when you ask yourself this question and then start thinking and looking around to decide if you are dreaming or not, and the reality checks are there to test this if necessary. 😉

    It is good that you also took the time to record at least one of your dreams because as you know training yourself to remember your dreams and to record them is also important, especially if you want to be able to remember and share your lucid dream more easily, and so that is part of the process as you know; and so you are doing great. 🙂

    In that dream it sounds like you were possibly on another planet, which is interesting if correct/true, unfortunately you were not able to really enjoy or explore it much under those harsh working conditions. 😦

    Your fictional son in that dream answering that he listens to The Cosmos is also interesting and it would go with the theme/environment of this dream a bit if it really was on another planet, it is interesting how sometimes dream characters can respond with strange answers like that, when my brother GC was younger many of his dream characters would often respond to his important questions with the phrase: “That is not important right now.”. 😀

    I almost completed your lucid dream challenge today Seepurple, and I almost had my probably first wake induced lucid dream 😉 :


    We are both close to completing your lucid dream challenge it seems, keep up the good work, and good luck. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. I dream pretty regular about other worlds. Some I’m impressed because there not much different then our worlds..others like the one I wrote about not long ago…was very strange. Where her life was feeding the fish they eat by having some sort of wart/mold that lived on her. Ughhhh…and she seemed so content and quiet in her life. Like a monk, it made me want to scream. *LOL*

      1. Interesting, I look forward to reading that dream eventually Seepurple, I plan on slowly reading through all of the dreams on your blog that I missed since I am new to your blog; I already got most of them bookmarked so that I can slowly read them over time. 😉

        -John Jr

      2. *LOL* Well hopefully you won’t get bored. Though shouldn’t take horribly long. I do not write very often. Usually when I’m bored and feel the need to write (because I loveeeee to write)…or when I feel I”m suppose to write. (though some of the stuff I write is off the wall and embarrassing *L*)…and others because I’m curious and trying to find connections sorta like you to people that have that same sort of mind set and trying to learn something.

      3. I doubt that I will get bored, you are correct about it not taking too long Seepurple, I only have 14 posts left to read (I possibly missed a few, I scrolled through all of your posts last week trying to bookmark any posts that seemed to be dream posts, and so it is possible that I missed a few); and I would have read most of them by now, but I did not want to overload you with comments so I decided to slowly read through them and comment only a few times every few days. 😉

        It is good that you like to write, that definitely helps when trying to get yourself to blog, and I like and agree with your reasons for blogging. 🙂

        -John Jr

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