HELP…green eyes without being punched in the face or attacked by 5 year olds

Ever have that problem where your trying to find the best eye shadow for your eyes? I have what you could call green eyes.  If you broke it down it’s like mixture of greens and yellow tones with some red drops splattered here and there.  Guess it kinda makes sense since green and red with light makes yellow.

I love my eyes, I do, it’s nice to have something different.  Every time I go to the eye doctor they have to take a second look to make sure I’m not having a brain hemorrhage. For those that don’t know, apparently some people shows signs of brain hemorrhage because blood seeps into the eyes.  At least that’s how one doctor explained it when I asked.  Lucky for me they always look  than smile and state, nope just color.  You can’t see the red drops in my eyes when looking at me unless your some crazy person that stands two inches from my face and stares like a …well like only a  crazy person would *LOL*.

As my father always stated.  You do not stare at people unless you 1. Want to dominate them. 2. Mate with them 3. Eat them…so the majority of people will never be close enough to even notice the red drops.  I’m not really into eating people *dies laughing*

Nope, you would just see the grass stain green.  yep, you heard me right.  No pretty emerald-green, no soft leafy green, more like the green you get on your pants after skidding on the grass.  *shrugs*  beggars can’t be choosers.

Green-Cat-Eyes-Wallpaper red-yellow-green-wave_130993

So here’s the pro….different

Here’s the con….I like wearing browns and neutrals but everyone else complains it’s so boring on me and it does not bring out my eye color.

I’ve tried purples of variety colors and it looks like I have black eyes. Punched black eyes, lack of sleep…etc.

If you look  Looked up pictures  of other girls wearing purple with their  green eyes…and Prettttty  so so pretty.

I try….and people ask me if I’ve been crying all day or get upset and want to know who’s punched me.

So I’m thinking maybe due to the yellow and red colors in my eye, purple is out of the question?   Sad because that’s my favorite color and My favorite color to wear.

Blues….Well not good either, looks….well …like I was attacked by kindergardners. Soooo besides staying in neutral anybody have some good tips of wearing other colors to bring out the color in my eyes but not look like I have been attacked by kids or punched in the face?….anybody??


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