Dream – No meaning but kinda strange

Ok, usually I do not post dreams unless there’s some type of meaning to them.  However, this dream had no significance to me but I remember it and it was kinda fun to dream..so I’m writing it down.

Standing by the window I see a larger than basketball object falling from the sky.  “AH HA!” I beam as I watch the object falling.  That’s that darn UFO that was over my bed before.  As it falls from the sky I see it was hit by something.  Did someone blast it out of the sky?  Poor thing.  As it falls I realize it’s much different then my real life experience.  This round little UFO is…well it looks human made.  It’s not the  same disappearing, metallic thin metal UFO I had seen in my bedroom in real life.  As it falls I see the scorch marks on the round object…paper, it’s made of paper.  It looks like paper glued together like you would to make a Pineta.  That’s really strange.

I move the brown curtain to the right  as I watch it fall from my window.  It’s coming this way.  “Thank God” I whisper to myself as I watch it fall my reflex is to save the darn little annoying object.  “Into my back yard, into my back yard” I keep coaxing the smoking object as it falls through the sky.  Of course it can’t hear me, no one could.

I watched it fall holding my breath.  Wondering if it would burn up before it even hit the earth.  I had hope though, it wasn’t completely engulfed in fire.  In fact it was just barely burning and only on one side.  It looked strange because though the object looked liked layered paper I could clearly see a large map stuck to it.  It looked like a world map, the main picture I could see where it was burning was America and South America.  I feel there was more emphases to south Amercia.  How strange…maps of all things…maps.  This UFO has to be someone’s toy they created or some low-income military replica.  Yet I still watched it fall.  Worried it would burn up or be destroyed.

What ever hit the little UFO it didn’t get a direct hit on it.  If it had it would of burst into flame and there would be nothing left. It fell to earth in my next door neighbors yard.  I could see it, it had fallen, more like landed on what looked to be on top of a big plastic green garbage can in the neighbor’s backyard.  I could easily see it as it had passed by the window and landed.  Slight wisp of smoke coming through the large crack on the back where the map was.  Pieces of paper fluttering softly in the split area.  I couldn’t see into the crack, even though I had plaster my body against the window trying to look into the crack from my vantage point…but to no avail.  Nothing moved from the round man looking UFO.  I was looking into the neighbor’s yard.  My house, two stories and my room over looked the one story house next door.  In fact I could see his entire backyard.  Big green trees on the other side of his yard.  No pets, which was good for the little round paper orb but how am I to get to it.

Suddenly I call out to my son.  He shows up in the room.  “What?” He ask curious.  “Hey come here”  I tell him.  As he comes by the window I point out the orb. “You see that round paper” gesturing to the neighbor’s backyard.  “Right there in the corner.  Keep an eye on it for me.  I’ll be right back”

“What is it?” he ask.  I shrug” don’t know.  I think it’s just a round unfinished Pineta” I’m a horrible lier but this one is easy because I really don’t know what it is.  “make sure you watch it and make sure it doesn’t….blow off”  He looks at me puzzled but watches the round object while I run out the room.  I head to another room to get dressed descent.  Can’t go to the neighbors with no bra on.  That would just look like I was slumming on my day off.  I try on a few bras (which in the dream is just as weird.. but we will skip that), then I get back to the window.  My son quickly leaves the room, thinking his mother has nothing better to do then chase down paper in the neighbors back yard.  I take a glance at the object.  Nothing is happening, it just sitting there…like a piece of trash.

I feel like I have to hurry.  Got to hurry quickly but how to get to them. “hmmmm” I think.  As I run down the stares and out into the front yard I glance at the neighbors fence.  It’s not like a normal fence.  Its large, thick boulders piled up high that surrounds his yard.   My neighbor has money for a nice fence like that.  most  people around here have no fences or they have just the plain ol  metal or wooden fences.  I can’t really climb the boulders it’s considered tress passing.  I’ve got to hurry and get to the orb.  To make things more complicated my orb has changed shape.  (and the dream gets stranger)


It has changed into a small piglet.  It’s soooo cute looking and so small but it shifted to a piglet and now the pinkish little piglet is running swiftly around the yard checking for a weak spot in the rocks so it can escape.  I’ve got to get that pig but how.

I’m gonna have to ask the neighbor to give me permission to get in his yard to retrieve the baby pig.  That’s gonna be hard to do.  I can’t just lie to him but I can’t tell the truth.  I’m a horrible lier so lying is out of the window.  I can’t lie, it’s wrong to lie….and I’m in capable of bluntly lying, he would know.  As I walk around and hear the pig running this way and that, checking this wall then that I’m semi cursing the thing.  “The neighbor could claim you now if he chooses since you’re in his area.  If he does it’s possible you’ll wind up as dinner” I think to myself .  Darn Alien!   If he does let me in how do I catch the pig.  Pigs are fast little things.  Would bending down and just say “I’m here to help” even register?  Would it just jump into my arms so I could take it home a save?  More than likely it’s gonna try to find its own escape.  I might have to tackle it.  Poor thing might get hurt.  I don’t want that, but better than having it eatin by a neighbor.  What kind of alien craft would change from paper to pig?  Shaking my head but determined to go save some unknown alien thing I head for the door….and wake up.


So…ummm…yeah…but you know how dreams are.  The only emphasis this dream had to it was south America.  It was a fun dream nothing scary I just left I had to hurry and safe the Aliens and I could not for the life of me figure out why it was paper then a pig *LOL*…but like I said this dream did’t  “Feel” important or meaning ful.  But it was kinda interesting and I’ll soon forget it.


One thought on “Dream – No meaning but kinda strange

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    I like how you took the time to share the details of this dream, it is rare that I find other people who take the time to do this, and who remember this many details of their dreams like I do. 🙂

    One part of your dream that stood out to me was the part about the map on the UFO where you saw North America and South America, this instantly reminded me of two of my past dreams for some reason:



    I wonder if the maps and the locations in both of our dreams mean/represent anything or not?

    Also, I would like to hear/more about your real life UFO encounter if possible, and if you posted about it on your blog already (I do not see the Search Widget on your blog, and for some reason the Search Option in the WordPress.com Toolbar/whatever is gone so I am not able to search your blog that way) I would like a link to it so that I can read about it. 😉

    Thank you for sharing your dream. 🙂

    -John Jr

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