Ancient Egypt the Bull..thinking out loud

The bulls question.  These are the Bulls that people can not  figure out. (They are not the  normal bulls that egyptians were use to. These bulls are the ones that were buried inside the pyramid) . Personally I believe some Brangus/Angus/Hereford or  Saler Bulls showed up.  Maybe due to it being much different then their breed of cattle that they believed the Bulls came from the Gods.  I would assume if you believe a God gave you a gift, though you might not know why, your suppose to cherish it and respect it.  Maybe a small herd during a dry spell or wet spell made it to egypt.  Heck if it was the Saler Bull, they might have woke up and found the darn thing on top of the pyramid.  Salers are longer legged, they remind me of deer, taller, and are wonderful for Canyons or Mountain regions.  Unlike the others, though believe it or not cattle can climb hills pretty good.   I’m sure they got their own tomb once they died naturally, or  if they were eatin.  It would just be respectful to send back what you were given..

The question is why would they be hacked up?  Maybe to say “I really like the present, thank you for sending it or them, but I”m not gonna disrespect you and make you think I’m stupid and treat this animal higher than you.”  Maybe they were used as a form of sacrifice.

Now how they moved giant rocks for tombs..Magnets?  Maybe they left the large stone there and built the pyramid around it, then later had craftsmen go in and chisel it down.  Course only way you can find that out is look under that big ol block.  Personally I would say Magnetic energy…however I do believe society way way way back when was way more advanced then we are now…were just to stupid to see that.  But after the floods I believe we had to start back over from scratch.  So, I just don’t see them rediscovering magnetic fields, heck we hardly have it down.  If they knew it then, something that awesome would have been a pass down to your children sorta issue and it would have grown more in knowledge, not lost.  Lost are the simple recipes such as medicine, how to live, what to do, how to use it.  Things that would build up a society such a levitating large blocks would have been great at war fare…it would have been passed down to more than just a few people.  So…..that’s an enigma I’m still thinking out.

On the side note.  As far as I have knowledge I have absolutely NOOOO Egyptian family background.  Got everything thing else practically in the world.  I would like to see more people asking the ancestors of the Egyptian people.  I think you might get a lot more questions answered.  I promise stories have been passed down about their kin and it will eventually be lost.  Just takes one child who doesn’t care to listen, one heart attack before the story is told, one person who can’t have children for the stories to slowly weed out.  But for right now…though it seems so long ago.  It wasn’t that long ago.  Not at all, it was just yesterday.  It seems so long ago to us because our lives are like flies, were born, we go to school, we work a few years, then we die…OMG we have short lives!  I hate it.


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