Just for my records…songs I currently like

*****Wading Deep Waters – by crooked Still (very good band almost all their songs are great)(Female singer)

*****All I Want – by Dawn Golden (Great Song!) (male singer)

**** Discoloration by Dawn Golden

** Normadic Firs- Cover Bombs  – By Odesza (if you want something very different in a childish playful way)

* How Did I get here – By Odesza (Playful scrambled music)

******Take me to Church – by Matt McAndrew/ By Hozier

*** Work Song by Hozier

*** I’m gonna be (500 miles) by Sleeping at last (I like this version better than the original song. piano/voice) (male singer)

* The Dreamer by the tallest man on Earth (Whinny sound like Tom Petty sorta sound) (Be great for bar music)

**Gone by the head & the Heart (This song actually sounds words put to a Christmas song *LOL*..very creative)

*Dog Days are over by florence + The Machine (Clappy sorta song. Be fun to sing with a group of people)

*****Stay with me by Sam Smith (I’m sure all of you know him.  Very popular song.  Every womans wish a man would say)

**Faded (the Magician remix)– by Zhu (drum beats/techno/with little voice) (Very good to listen to when driving in Traffic *L*)

***** Drop the Game (R&B mixtape edit) by flume and chet faker (original video I DO NOT like all the gang symbols, people that know gang symbols know what I”m talking about.  But the Dancer is GOOOOD.  Song even better.  Two Thumbs way up)

*****Dirty Paws of Monsters and men (Fun backdoor music.  Video also very good.  Love this song) (Great for dancing!) Also check out there Videos, though most are simple a lot of art.  Another really good song is the King and Lionheart is Fantastic VIDEO!!! Very cool…but I want to know how it ends.)

**Waves by Mr. Probz (beaty music)

*** Angel of small death … -by Hozier (I just love Hozier, it’s like backwoods, Hillbilly and church all mixed together)

***** arsonists lullabye by Hozier (See comment above)

******Uneven odds by sleeping at last ( I had to give this one 6 stars. Very sad song. Almost like a Guardian Angel singing it to you.)

***To be alone by Hozier (Total Backwoods, Hillbilly..Love it)

******Never have I found by Josh Garrels (Voodoo sorta feel.) (love his voice) (Another six stars)

*****Scotland by the Lumineers (If Anyone has seen the series Reign on TV you’ve heard part of this song.  It’s very good.)

****Worthy by Jacob Banks (male voice)(Great beat)

*****Feathery by Milky Chance (another backwoods sound, can’t help it I enjoy it, nice from usual)

**** Blood Bank by Bon Iver (Remember my howling problem I told you about way back earlier.  Well this song makes me want to howl with it. *LOL*..nice song)

****Gold (Flume Re-work) by Chet Faker (great song and two thumbs up on the video.  Who said roller skating is not sexy)

******So Bad by Hunterchild (haunting sound, great for meditative dancing)

****Your Soul by Hippie Sabotage (another great traveling music.  Would be great for video)

*****Down the Burning Ropes by James Vincent McMorrow (smooth, guitar sound, another one that makes you want to howl)

****The Lament of Eustace Scrubb by the Oh Hello’s (folk type music) (Great for crowds) (or if you just want to turn around in circles and make yourself dizzy *LOL*)

****Like Real people do by Hozier (folky sound)

***Cherry Wine by Hozier (folky)

****Dont’ wait for me by Josh garrels (I just love this guys voice)

*****Willow Tree March by the Paper Kites (very scotish-irish sounding background but not the singers)

*****Give Up by half moon run (They put so many different sounds together and it still sounds great.)

****Early in the morning I’ll come calling by James Vincent McMorrow (be a great Valentine song)

*****Rivers and Roads by the Head and the Heart (You have to hear the whole song.  Don’t like the lyrics but I love the voices.  Another good song for group singers)

_DSC1564 _DSC2425

** Wicked Game – by James Vincent McMorrow -( I can’t remember if I listed this one.  It’s another remake and it does it so well.  Not to mention he seems to base his videos around water…I’m a water girl.  Love it! )

*****Black Lung Heartache – by Joe Bonamassa (backwoods welcomes rock welcomes hilly billy welcomes orchestra) (Good Security music for prison/jails/officers/etc)

****Short Change Hero – by The Heavey (UK) – (Another security sound.  Also reminds me of the band Gorillas)

*****Hunger Of the Pine – by Alt-J (Strange addictive voice…love it)

**Buffalo – By Alt-J (This song will take you up, drop you, then take you up again and a rocking motion)

*Dissolve me by Alt-J (Did I say I love his voice?…and the music arrangements.  This song is more of a stop and go song)

******Bloodflood by Alt-J (Another strange one.  Listen to the whole thing.  otherwise you’ll turn it off at the first.  Very India sounding. One of my favorites)

*****Fitzpleasure by Alt-J (very india sounding with what sounds like minor basedrops.  Besides the voice it’s like a piece of work and you get to see each piece come together)

*****Tessellate by Alt-J (same as above)

*****Breezeblacks by Alt-J (Can’t remember who sung “Jerry’s a race car driver” but has a similar chanting chorus..but very good.  The video, much like the others is Very dark though)

*****Railroad Track by Willy Moon (love this song.  You can picture anything from trains (of course), war, westerns)

******Last Train by Dawn Golden (pretty, Pretty sad.  I feel like I’m singing this right now to a particular love in my life)

******Boy Got It Bad by Kail Baxley (Southern spirited between blues and the Hills)

*****Litost – by X Ambassadors (Very sweet music, another love song.  Listen to the whole thing before you judge)

**The Wolves (Act 1 and II) – by Bon Iver (*LOL* might just like the song because I’m partial to wolves. Very slow, long pauses)

******I’ll keep you safe – by Sleeping At Last (ironic it almost makes a sentence “I’ll keep you safe by sleeping at last” *LOL* Another angelic hopeful song.  Makes you believe in people)

**Skinny Love – by Bon Iver (happy hippy sound)

*** If I had A boat – by James Vincent McMorrow (This could put you to sleep.  Nice soft rhythm)

*Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrow (Was never a big fan of the original song. But him just singing it on the piano…he’s just that good it’s a new favorite)

*Toes by Glass Animals (if you took 80s music and mixed it with new age you’d get this strange combo)

*****Beat the Devils Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Rebel and Security sounding-southern comfort)

*****Stay Home by Transit (a Capella) – (Make sure you listen to the a capella.  I think the music one is two thumbs up…a capella two thumbs up…GREAT)

****Down by the River by Milkly Chance (Beat and cool voice)

******I See Fire – by Ed Sheeran (song much like Mysti Mountain but less haunting.)

*******The Misty Mountain Cold from the Hobbit (purrrrrrrrrr, Makes me think of my ancestors)

*** Muddy Waters by the Gospel Whiskey Runners (Hill billy and blues sounding)

*****If I had a heart by fever ray (Fever Rays music is very dark.  Some is really good. Others are more perfect for a scary movie theme.  If I had a heart is my favorite but I really like how it’s cut for the “Viking” series.

*****crying wolf-le chant du Loup  by Enya (again because I”m partial *LOL* but Enya is probably the best singer in the world.  Blessed the Angelic voice)

***Stole Dance by Milky Chance (I swear I already have this on the list but can’t see it.  Very Up beat)

****The Business by X ambassadors (Very good. Sorta like Enigma meets pop culture)

** Fire Escape by Half Moon Run (soulful)

****Hurt by Johnny Cash (Wish people would play this more.) (I’m waiting for an upgrade with some dubsteps on this song.

***All I want by Kodaline (Very sad loving song of a man who’s lost his woman and has hope to find someone just like her)

*****Sail  by Awolnation (I know this song is getting old but I like songs that make you feel. This like all those listed make you feel.  For anyone that’s not heard it…have you not?  It was funny.  I always have stories in my head for each song I hear, when I saw the original video months later I laughed.  Same thing I pictured minus the piano)

*****99 Problems by Hugo (Security/Hillbilly/Backwoods)

* Drowned by Sorrows by Ian Siegal (blues)_DSC3176

*Goodbye Sad Eyes by the Record Company (reminds me of a local band I know.  Very good.)

** Desert Father by Josh Garrels

******Unsteady by X Ambassadors (another 6 stars.  It’s very very good.  I swear it was listed already but also could not find it.  This is another song that hits a nerve right now.  All I can think of when I hear this is screaming back “if you loved me, you would have done it.  So I have to go.” *pouts*)

*****Ballad of the Prodigal Son by Lincoln Hurham (Fantastic song.  Blues meets, southern comfort, meets gospel choir)

******Feeling Good by Nina Simone (blues, Just love this song.  Also the Song I put a spell on you is pretty good but feeling good is the best song)

*****Cant Pretend by Tom Odell (This guy looks like he’s only 18 years old but he sings like he’s been doing it for 90 years. Love his music and sooo happy it’s different)


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