Poll I need you to take for my curiousity…

Ok, so I’ve got some time today to actually do something I enjoy….write.  So here I am again for the second time (while cooking supper)

Sorry if this looks strange since I have time I”m experimenting with all the side bar stuff.  You might not even notice but if you do and it’s bad or confusing…sorry.

I’d like to do a poll about people and visions.  I never realized how different each person is so I don’t know if I’m trying to find someone like me or trying to see how weird and strange all of us are…so bare with me.

When you dream do you dream in




When you dream do you dream in:

A.1st person

B. 2nd person

C. 3rd person

D.  all just  depending on dream

When you dream are you:

A. You

B. Another person

C. You but playing another person in a different role

D. All

When someone is talking to you:

A. Visualize everything they say

B. Just hear the worlds but understand what they are telling you

When you read a book:

A. You read the words and enjoy the book

B. You visualize what the author is telling you

C. You are completely transported into that world

Hopefully I have some people who tell me how they are.  Or if someone can point me to some type of pole room that would be very nice.  I would not think an avid reader would want to read, but I’m meeting people who don’t visualize the books they read but enjoy reading them.  I’m trying to understand these types of people.  They are an enigma to me and  I want to know why they want to read.  *LOL*


5 thoughts on “Poll I need you to take for my curiousity…

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    I am not sure if you know this or not but you can easily make polls on WordPress.com using Polldaddy which is already integrated with/into WordPress.com because it is also owned by Automattic, and you can learn how to add polls to your blog here 😉 :


    Now for me to try to answer some of your questions.

    1. Most of the time I dream in color, maybe only a few times have I dreamed in black and white but I am not sure, and rarely I will have dreams that are animated and/or partly animated and/or one or more of the dream characters will be animated.

    2. Most of the time I dream in first person, very rarely third person, and I am not sure if I have dreamed in second person or not (I had to look up what that even was 😀 ) and if so only a few times.

    3. Most of the time I am me in dreams, sometimes I am myself playing a different person in another role, and rarely I am someone else.

    4. Probably both depending on the situation and person who I am listening to probably because social/generalized anxiety disorder clouds/shuts down parts of my mind making it harder to think/remember/et cetera as the person talks to me.

    5. Probably mostly a combination of A and B, and maybe rarely/sometimes C if at all (I daydream a lot, but probably not as much while reading). (But I do not read many books and I have not read one in a while (the last one was maybe 1984 back in maybe 2013), and so I could be wrong).

    Good luck with your poll. 😉

    -John Jr

    1. I swear everyone is so different when it comes to seeing dreams etc. Your closer to the way I see things then others. So far, your in the strange zone. *LOL* I can’t believe how many people only dream in black or white…or can only remember black or white. I’ve never even had a black or white dream before.

      1. Hello Seepurple,

        Yes, I am also surprised by how many people dream in black and white, and how often they dream in it. 😉

        I think that is interesting/strange.

        Thank you for replying. 🙂

        -John Jr

      1. You are welcome Seepurple, that WordPress.com Support link has most of the information that you need in picture and text form (I hope that they will add a video guide there as well one day), and do not forget that you can use the search option on the WordPress.com Support page/website (https://en.support.wordpress.com/) to find information on/about most things on WordPress.com; and so that is the place to find most of the information that you need to learn more about things on WordPress.com when you need help/information. 😉

        If you need more help/information on this and/or with something on WordPress.com and/or computer/internet/software/technology/dream/et cetera related, just let me know (you can use my Contact Page if you want to contact me and/or a post or page that we both commented on).

        -John Jr

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