closing out 2014 and opening 2015

_DSC4848Favorite foods:

Crunchy Roll Sushi with that yummy spicy sauce they serve on it…YUMMYYYYYYY  I could live off that stuff. (think I might have to get some just because I’m talking about it)

Chobani Flip Almond Coco Loco Greek yogurt – Oh my…just ohhh myyy.  I’m a vanilla yogurt fan.  First time I tried this stuff I was disappointed.  First bite…ughhhh really?  It’s not as sweet more of a sour tone…Second bite…ugh…ummm but I like how the almonds have a crisp crunch to them…Then I seriously thought.  I should toss this.  Then I shrugged…heck it almost cost two freakin dollars for a little tiny thing.  It’ll take like four bites to finish it off.  So shrugging I decided to take another bite and …well…it’s my obsession now.  No yogurt had ever EVER topped it.  The yummy hint of coconut, the dark chocolate chunks, the crispy thin slices of almonds, the thick soury tast…sweet, sour, crunchy and smooth.  OHHHH ohhhh…If you try it you must eat the entire thing before you decide if you hate it or love it.

Favorite beauty:  **note some of this stuff can stain.****

I’m the typical pale girl.  People at work make fun of me by placing their sun glasses on before looking at me.  You have to love em for their humor.  Needless to say I was not born with that beautiful pale alabaster skin you usually associate pale girls with.  No I’m more of a transparent skin.  Yes, it even sounds gross doesn’t  it.  I think so.  You can literally almost see right through me.  Ugh…that does sound gross!!!  I’m not gross looking!  I’m actually pretty cute!  Needless to say my skin is very sensitive.  Sometimes I can put chemicals on my skin and taste it in my mouth.  Yes, it’s very gross.  It’s like eating the darn thing.  I know there’s other people like me.  So not worried about it.  My father was blessed with dark tan skin.  He got more indian.  I …well took more after my mother…and pale and freckly not pale and porcelain.

Now that you know my skin…here’s things I’ve tried.

Dove soap – ummm…still occassionally use.  But I don’t like.  It makes me feel dirty and unclean and I swear I break out more.

Cheap soap – What ever is the cheapest when going to the super market – Good, smells good, but very drying.

English soap – I can’t remember the name.  I like some of the smells better, others makes me sneeze…probably vote between cheap soap and dove soap.

Olive oil – This is where you bath, then lather your body with olive oil, let it sit, then scrape or wipe it off.  Much better, just don’t get it into your hair if your like me.  I have very very thin hair but a LOT of it.  Oil and thin hair does not go good together.  Good on face also, but just be aware that sometimes this can cause break outs.  However sometimes it helps breakouts.

coconut oil –   Same thing keep it out of your hair, if your like me, other wise put it in your hair for conditioning.  Also good for baths and rubbing yourself down after a bath and let it soak into your skin.  It’s very fun to use its like playing with snow flakes if it’s in its solid form, as you hold it melts.  This stuff is fantastic…however goes fast.

Almond oil – oily, helped with dry skin.  However it can break out your skin.

Raw Honey – Purrrrr, need I say more?  I will just in case people don’t know how to use this stuff.  Facial – place it on your face a few minutes, then wash off with warm water.  If you have long hair like me, take a large cup put a small amount of honey into the cup and some warm water, dissolve it, then make a pony tail and soak your hair in the cup.  If you have too much honey you will need to rinse your hair with water.  Otherwise if it’s not to honeyfied just ring out your pony tale and let it dry naturally.

Raw Honey – coughing, sore throat…do a spoon full of honey each day to help it go away.  Also warm water and honey to drink.

Coffee grounds – used coffee grounds.  If your sick and need more energy, or if your libido has gone down, take your morning coffee grounds you’re gonna throw away and go take a bath or shower with them.  Bathing  your body will give your body  more time to soak up the  coffee.  It tightens skin, makes you smell like coffee, helps scrub old skin off, helps clean the pipes in your house, and gives you a boost.   Can be used all over your body.  However try to keep the grounds away from your hair, it’ll get all tangled in it and you’ll be dropping coffee grounds everywhere for days.  However pour that coffee water on your head and’s all great.

Raw Honey – do you have allergies – one spoon of local honey each day in the morning.  It’s a very slowwww process but I promise It’ll start building up your allergies.  Make sure if you can to try different honey in the region due to the possible processes and where they stuck their bees.  You’ll know if you got good honey when you put it on your tongue and it starts to sting or burn…it’s likely you got some pollen or honey make from the nectar of that plant your allergic to which is what your needing.  DO NOT FEED BABIES HONEY!

Oats: This is my favorite of all at the moment.  Cheap, and wonderful.  Bathing..either buy the ground down oats…or buy you some quaker oats.  It’s like two dollars for a round box.  Get a cup and fill it about full cup of oats, add hot water and let it soak for a little while. (10 minutes is good but you can soak them longer if you’d like.  I’ve soaked them for half a day before), then go take a bath.  Reach in and grab those oats and rub them on your skin.  The milky stuff that comes from it is like Heaven.  You can shave with it, wash your face and even just throw it in your bath.  ***WARNING***** I don’t know if it can clog your bath, so you might put in some sifter for that.  It’s never clogged mine but the word “never” is a lying and unforgiving word I don’t believe it.

Oats: I also soak oats, then when I don’t want to wash my hair but it starting to feel a little oily I strain the oats out and just keep the water and the milky substance and do just like I do with honey, soak my hair in it, then dump the rest over my head.  This stuff is a double purr….YOu can just stand up in your bath and rub oats all over you.  Later when your skin is not so dry, your pimples start clearing up, people will keep commenting that you smell so nice.  Specially the men. In short easiest way to remember this is oats can replace mild soap, so great on face…and body.  However if your really, really dirty, use that soap, do the oats after.

Bad beauty:

Cinnamon : I tried cinnamon on my hair…DO NOT DO!  I read and read on the subject for days just to see if there was anything negative.  (I love cinnamon) people were stating it was a great way to bleach hair naturally and made your hair soft.  Though even before I did that I was thinking “but usually beach burns”….but like a sucker I tried it.  Washed my hair with cinnamon left it in, then went to wash it.  I thought…wow it is soft and smooth.  SURE IT IS…when it’s being washed out…but after.  My hair would have been better sitting in bleach…it barely did anything to my hair but burn it.   All I can say is if you don’t believe me, place some on your scalp and keep it there for 24 hours.  Bleach burns and if you’re wanting some red or lighter hair don’t try.  However, love eating the stuff!!!

unnatural beauty products: Wen – yes that Wen commercial is true.  It works your hair will feel soooo nice.  I’ve tried a variety of different ones.  If you try it get at least two different ones so you can try it.  Most people can not stand using Wen due to it not lathering.  Just imagine washing your hair in just conditioner… it’s soooo worth it…but you have to use soooo much, especially if you have long hair.  I’m talking like 40 or so pumps…  Needless to say I’m still crying because it was fantastic for my hair, but I can’t afford it anymore.  Hopefully in the future.  I have yet to find a cheap shampoo that is just or even close to that.  HOWEVER, down side is I do believe it can and will occasionally give you zits on your scalp.  When or if it does, you have to switch to another shampoo for a little bit, or do as I would, use head and shoulders on my scalp, and wen on the rest of my hair.

Songs: Last favorite song for 2014 “Take me to church” by Hozier. Video is good also but confusing because the song is about a girl but the video is about two men in love.  Give them Kudos for trying to make a statement.  Good statement, everyone falls in love and sometimes you can’t pick and choose who you fall in love with.

Happy postings!!


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