Dream…a blue stand still…

I don’t really remember the dream much.  I actually dreamed it about a week or so ago but it still itches in my mind so I’m gonna just tap a few words of the dream down so I can forget it.

It started with the dogs.  A metal like structure a little larger than a small refrigerator.  when you opened it up, there was a liquid like water bluish in color.  It was first marketed as the best thing for pet owners.  When you went to work you placed your pet into this.  Your dog would go into suspended animation…no need to feed, water,no messy house, no restroom accidents on your beautiful carpet.  In fact you could be gone hours, days, weeks, months and no harm to your dog.  When you were back you just took your pet out and they never knew the difference.  It was like a suspended sleep…..

…and then came the huge debates on child abuse.  The world went crazy with it.  Some people probably went to prison for it.  Though In my dream it never showed that.  I just knew it was a highly debated and controversy.  It did start out with the bad parents.  The lower of the totem pole that did not care for their children.  The ones that loved their kids but party, drugs, and their own lives came first.  Some of them were caught placing their babies into the animal area, especially when they wanted to go out and party or sleep through the night.  However, the kids did not die.  The citizens were very divided.  As the debates grew and the years flew by reports of some parents placing their kids in this liquid for years at a time came to the scene.  Was it child abuse?  Was it not.  Many of the messed up parents claimed it was better than the alternative.  Some had good reason.  Some kids had kids..and instead of giving their child away or aborting the child, they had the child, then immediately placed the new-born baby in the blue water type container.  Placing the future on standby.  I guess sorta like frozen eggs and sperms except it was a baby in a pool of water like substance…awaiting to be reawaken.

As the years and debates flew by it became custom for parents to place kids in the blue and place pets in the blue.  Soon, larger sizes began to develop and the world changed.  Kids began to grow at a very slow rate, grown people started using it during the night.  It was strange at first because scientist had a hard time trying to figure out if it was good or bad for the body.  Was the lack of sleep and time for the brain to comprehend going to make people go crazy.

Of course it was us women that started stuffing our bodies into the blue first on a volunteer bases.  Some of the women realized that was 6 to 10 hrs of each day your body would stop aging.  So at night they began technically “sleeping” in the blue and having alarms to help pull them out each day.  Science was on a stand still to see what the long-term effect on the brain would be…no time for the body or brain to technically rest.  No dreams…no thoughts….but the women were aging slower…and then suddenly it was common place.  Everyone was living longer beyond anyone’s imagination, children were being born and sometimes not being awake 10, 20, 50, 100 years after their birth.  Schools had to just forget about grades because a child could be in there from 1st grade, then go missing for 40 years then return like it was the next day.

The world went to blue….


3 thoughts on “Dream…a blue stand still…

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    Now that was an interesting dream and concept, and I liked the science fiction element to it; and I can seriously see this being turned into a film and/or something like that. 🙂

    The debates in your dream are definitely worth thinking about, something like this would definitely change life/society as we currently know it, and I wonder could this dream even inspire someone to create an invention like this in real life.

    I would definitely like to see this go to film and/or for something like this to be created/debated, and for you to be paid well for the idea; and I wish that someone would want pay me to use some of my dreams/ideas for various things as well. 😉

    Thank you for sharing this interesting dream Seepurple. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. I agree with you. That’s why I usually write the stuff that has meaning down. I feel it might reach someone that can learn from it, create it, or help. I feel that this will happen for sure, but maybe not in the same story line.
      It might be a disturbing movie though depending on how the producer took it. It could go very dark, or very light. Bad people would use this stuff for very bad things…Normal people…heck I’d use it. I would love to live for a very long time. It would give me more time to learn. God knows I love to learn stuff.

      1. Hello Seepurple,

        The way that I have improved my dream recall so much is that I try to/force myself/trained myself to type something every day whether I think that it has meaning or not, and even if I only remember one thing from the dream 😉 ; but I am glad that you share some of your dreams, and I would encourage you to share even more dreams. 🙂

        Yes, a movie of this could definitely go either way or in between, depending on who is making it.

        I would also want to use something like that in real life, I also agree that some people will use it for bad things, but overall I think that it will be a positive thing for most people.

        Yes, that would definitely give us more time to learn, among other things. 😉

        Thank you for replying Seepurple. 🙂

        -John Jr

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