Even weirder dreams: short naked woman

I dreamed my husband and I entered some room.  The room didn’t really have any real walls just small retaining walls here and there that divided spaces.  We walked around trying to figure out where we were suppose to go.  I remember a sort of bar like divider in another area and larger walls.  It reminded be of a gym showers in the middle of the room.

A very short pretty black woman approached us.  She was maybe in her early thirties, her hair was black and very curly but long enough to  almost hit her shoulders.  She was naked as a Jay Bird and she approached us as if she had been fully clothed.  She stopped in front of us.  I remember envying her, she had a beautiful body.  I also remember thinking how happy to see a woman with small A cup breast instead of the huge breast you see everywhere.  Probably because I’m not a big breasted girl either.  It was nice to see another woman could just be as attractive with a normal body.

I remember  glancing at my husband thinking ‘Oh Know…I hope he’s not gonna act like a typical male and either start flirting with her or google eying her.”  I remember already getting frustrated.  She came up and looked up at us and stood there.  The strange thing is I remember we were communicating, I was talking outloud….but now I don’t remember her ever-moving her mouth.

I had asked her what her job was.  She stated she was a cleaner.  In my mind I pictures a person that washes bodies but that was almost disturbing to me because I did not know if she washed dead bodies or live bodies.  I asked her what types of bodies.  She stated all bodies, men, women, whom ever showed up.  I asked her if it was parts of the body or the whole body, she stated every part.

Suddenly I don’t know if I saw a large older man leave that area that reminds me of showers, or if I just pictured it in my head.  I remember feeling for her and wanting to protect her.  I expressed by concern explaining she shouldn’t have to wash people, especially men that might easily take advantage of her.   I tried to laugh it off, though I did just want to grab her and run, what a horrible life to just wash people’s bodies all day long.  She just kept looking at us waiting.  I started wondering..does she want to wash our bodies next.  Oh gosh, I hope not.

“you should come work for me” I told her.  Though I was very serious I knew at the time I didn’t have a position open.  I knew eventually I would.  She just kept ….waiting.

….Then in my dream I was suddenly naked as a jay bird.  My Husband in the same shape to my right.  We were laying on our backs and I can’t for the life or remember how we got there.  My husband starts complaining of the pain he’s feeling in his testicle areas.  At first he’s mumbling it to me as if he’s trying not to cause a scene. “It hurts”…”it hurts”.  I can’t see her, but I know he’s talking to the pretty black lady from earlier.    He starts moaning and I suddenly think the reason he’s moaning is because he’s got another case of kidney stones flaring up.  “It Hurts..please just check it!.  Just check it for me, it under my balls.”  I suddenly realize he’d check it himself but he can’t move.  he’s in so much pain I can feel the heat off his body though our bodies don’t touch.  Tears are streaming down his face and I realize I’ve seen this man cut his finger clear to the bone and never shed a tear, he’s in a lot of pain.

That’s when I realize I’m in some pressure pain myself.  Though nothing like he is.  I just realize I can’t see her either, but she has my right arm.  If you hold up your right arm, then move it to the left so it touches head and your hand is above your left shoulder, she was holding it like that.  There was others there, but I never saw her helpers.  I couldn’t see what she was doing to my arm, but I could feel the pressure.  She held my arm lightly, not roughly…and I truly believe had I wanted to pull my arm back to me, I could have.  I just didn’t want to.  It’s like getting stabbed with something, you’d want to take the knife out before running forward…otherwise your likely to cut yourself open.  Well same scenario.  I felt that I could yank my arm back, but she was doing something to my arm.  Since I couldn’t see what she was doing I was too scared to move it .   I didn’t want to feel more pain, it was pressure enough.

So she held my arm and I felt a …a shot like pressure in the back of my bicep.  I tried very hard not to complain.  Most of the time I was trying to be nice.  It started out with “what are you doing?  What are you doing?  OH, that hurts please stop.  Please…just stop that hurts.  That hurts even more…”

And as the pressure grew the more it went to just simple “stop” and Please stop” to just “it hurts” over and over.  I don’t think the woman was mean, but there was no empathy coming from her or anyone else she was working with.

So it felt like a large shot going deeper and deeper into my arm.  Then it suddenly felt like it was digging into my bone.  The pain was horrible..pressure pain.  But I know if it had been what I pictured in my head it would have been so much worse.  So I don’t know if it was worse…and I just didn’t feel it at all…Or if the unknown caused it to hurt more.

Needless I woke up and my arm still hurt.  No marks.  I told my husband I thought maybe it was a dream letting him know he might have another kidney stone.  That almost made him cry…


3 thoughts on “Even weirder dreams: short naked woman

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    That dream became a bit disturbing in my opinion, it reminded me of an alien abduction-like scenario at the end, oddly.

    And about pain, for me physical pain does not make me want to cry or cry any more (sometimes when I was kid, but not in my adult life), it is emotional/mental/social/et cetera pain/sensitivity (maybe because of shyness and social/generalize anxiety disorder I am bit more sensitive/aware/empathetic) that makes me want to cry or cry (even then I rarely ever cry, I guess I learned how to stop myself from crying usually and react in other ways and/or hold it in, probably because of cultural and other reasons); but maybe I just need to experience more serious physical pain, but I still do not see myself crying from it. (I guess because of cultural and other reasons growing up as a male in our society, I have trained myself/learned to respond/react to physical pain in other ways instead of wanting to cry or crying, who knows)

    Thank you for sharing this dream. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. You’ll have to give me tips on how to keep from crying. I’m sooo empathetic it’s hard on me. I’ve tried the staring at lights, etc. I’m pretty good at not crying for myself…but if I see you in pain the wet works are on…it’s horrible. I try counting numbers in my head, staring at bright lights and staying busy but over all…better but not by much. So if you know any tricks let me know. My husband is not a crier either, so I don’t know if he was in that much pain…or if he was more emotional in my dream..or if…just if it actually happened if he was in some stupor state like being drunk so thinking no one’s seeing just let the tears and worries go. I don’t know. My empathetic self was just trying not to complain to much and not be rude to the people….even though they were causing me pain. I didn’t want to complain because what if they were trying to help me? What if they were trying to vacinate me so I didn’t get sick? That would just be so rude of me to cry and curse. *LOL* (course could have been they were trying to kill me…who knows. Hope it never ever happens again)

      1. Hello Seepurple,

        I would need to examine how I do it, but I think that it is a bit like trying to hold back a sneeze by controlling your breathing and/or holding your breath briefly, and mentally telling yourself to try to not cry and let the emotions flow through and over you until it goes away and/or you block and hold them in and maybe let it out in some other way later. 😀

        In the rare times that I do feel like crying it is usually not about me either, but for someone else because I am more empathetic/sensitive than people might think; but I express it in other ways probably, probably mostly internally in the form of anxiety and negativity focused on myself, and the many negative physical/mental/emotional/social/et cetera effects/affects of that probably.

        Now about your dream, it is funny how in dreams we can react in funny/silly ways like that, like how you were so worried about seeming rude even as all of that was happening to you and your husband; but in the dream it usually seems perfectly rational/normal to us. 😀

        Thank you for responding Seepurple. 🙂

        -John Jr

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