Even stranger Dream #3: Hospital room?

Then the last strange dream I had lasted maybe a second…I was having a hard time getting to sleep. I suddenly open my eyes and I’m yes, on my back again but I’m not waiting I’m kicking and screaming like crazy right then and right there.  As hard as I can I’m kicking …I don’t really remember seeing anything except My thighs as I kep raising them and kicking at the hands I’m trying to keep away from me.  Their trying to hold me down.   The dream was literally maybe five seconds but so real I was suddenly awake and flying out of bed.  Standing there and looking around.

Screw that!  That was no dream that was real!

…and those were Human hands trying to catch my legs as I kicked them..

but I was in my room safe…breathing hard but safe.  The next morning I had bruises on my legs…

A very strange dream.


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