even stranger dream #2: Was I bite?

In this dream I wake up…In my dream.

I wake up and I’m once again on my back in a very spacious room.  I’m suddenly scared because I remember my last dream in this dream and I’m not wanting to feel pain again.  That when I realize I’m not laying next to my husband.  Once again to my right is another being.  It’s a very tall gray alien.  Which I can’t figure out.  I thought they were suppose to be small and short?

He’s very tall.  His arms are kinda stretched out and my head is below it, so he’s not even touching my head with his arm at the moment.  Were laying side by side and there are others around us.  Though I know they are there I can’t really remember what they looked like.  I’m not really moving and I am once again completely naked like a Jay Bird.  I don’t think I’ve ever really had naked dreams.  Can’t say I like them at all.

I take the Alien is male and at first I think maybe he’s being subjected to what I had to earlier but he’s not.  Though he’s not moving he’s deciding something.  I can’t understand what it is or I don’t know what it is.  In my dream I feel he’s suppose to pick five women for something and right now I’m on his personal trial.  Apparently the beings around us are just waiting to find out what he decides before doing what they need to do with me.  I’m horror-struck.  Though my husband and I are having issues, I still care what my husband thinks…and I’m thinking he would not like this idea at all.  I don’t think I would like this idea at all.  Heck, I don’t know what their being picked for.  Food?  I don’t want to be eaten!  I kept thinking ‘don’t pick me, don’t pick me”…suddenly I felt the selection….he did not pick me.  I’m not one of the five he’s choosing.

I don’t know why…whether good or bad I was not picked.  Relieve washes over me.  Though he the large alien never moves on my side I suddenly think of how alone I feel and how cold I feel and how grateful I am for not being picked for what ever horror he had in store.  I had the urge to cuddle so I did just that.  I turned on my side and kinda cuddled up to his side.  It made me feel better and I had a sense of love for this very tall gray.  That’s when all hades broke loose.  Everything happened in a flash.

I turned cuddled next to him and he…..well I don’t know.  He moved.  He went from a mummy like stance the entire time to moving so quick it was like being struck by a rattle snake.  He moved so very fast.  Which was a surprise.  I always pictures aliens as slow-moving except with their electronics.  This one was faster than any human I ever saw.

Even though this was a dream I still don’t know what he did to me.  I know I felt and though I even heard his group that was watching us even gasp in surprise…which surprised me.  I felt as if they were reaching out for me because even they could not believe he moved that quickly towards me.

So what did he do?  I don’t know but he moved his head and his left shoulders quickly at me and it looked as if he was attacking my neck.  I woke up almost to my feet because the movement scared me so bad..and now I’m confused.  Was he angry with me?  Was he going to eat me?  Why were the others in shock?  It seemed like they were trying to move to protect me…does that mean he was gonna kill me?   The last two weeks the dream seemed so read I can’t bear the left side of my neck when sleeping without covering it up.

So was I bite?  I just miss the large guy believe it or not.


5 thoughts on “even stranger dream #2: Was I bite?

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    I have heard of tall Grey-like aliens before in stories but possibly never a story of one being fast like that, the few times Grey-like aliens have been in my dreams they have been slow, from what you described of his speed it reminded me of the speed of a bene gesserit and/or honored matre and/or Miles Teg et cetera from Frank Herbert’s Dune books.

    I think that it would be creepy/scary/disturbing to have an alien abduction-like dream like yours, I do not think that I have had any dreams like that exactly, but I could be wrong; and I am not comfortable with naked dreams either, and fortunately those are very rare for me.

    Thank you for sharing your dream. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. You’ll have to let me know about your alien dreams. I have to say that’s really the only Alien dream I’ve ever had. The only abduction one I had was strange people that didn’t talk much..nothing gray about them. And then there was one I swear was not a dream…I woke up and all of these “human” hands were trying to crab me and I was screaming and kicking like crazy. I saw a hospital like bed under me, my legs were bare so I don’t know if I was naked or I had my gown pulled all the way up. Lots of lights…and lots of strong human arms grabbing for my kicking legs. It was horrible. I’ve woken up before in the middle of a surgery in real life…it was like that. ..and I still don’t think it was a dream. If I took the two human abduction experiences and the weird tall alien abduction (there were small gray aliens around us)…I’d pick the aliens. They never hurt me, it seems to be the human abduction dreams where I”m hurt. Strange hu?

      1. Hello Seepurple,

        Most of my alien dreams probably do not actually show the aliens, mostly their spaceships flying, and when there are aliens they probably often look human or they are disguised as humans or they shape-shift to look human or they look different than your traditional aliens being either unique or based on aliens that I have seen in video games/films/television series/et cetera; but here are a few dreams (there are more among the thousands of dreams) that I found on my blog using the Search Widget with Grey-like aliens including maybe my two oldest alien dreams and the last dream only has an alien skull in it instead of living aliens:






        The dreams and experiences that you mentioned definitely sound terrible, especially your real life experience of waking up during surgery (Wow! I can not even imagine what that was like 😦 ), I wonder if that real life experience had/has an effect/affect on these types of dreams causing you to have more of them than the average person and having them seem more realistic since they could be inspired by that real life experience?

        Choosing the alien abduction-like dreams/experiences over the human ones does not sound strange to me in this cause, but I do wonder if those were really humans or not in the human ones; or were they aliens/entities who look human and/or aliens disguised as humans and/or aliens using illusions/genjutsu to make you think that they look human and/or and/or aliens shape-shifting to look like humans and/or false memories of them looking human that aliens put in your mind.

        Sometimes if you wake up out of a dream at a certain/bad time you can see/hear/feel/et cetera parts of the dream and/or hallucinations for a few seconds, this rarely happens to me sometimes, mostly during sleep paralysis (which is usually scary, and I have blogged about several of my sleep paralysis experiences) but there has been a few times where this briefly happened when I was not experiencing sleep paralysis; and so I wonder if that happened to you in one or more of those situations, I am not saying that some of them were not real, but it is possibly that some of them were like that maybe. 😉

        Thank you for replying Seepurple. 🙂

        -John Jr

    2. P.S. ~ I had to look up the Dune thing. *LOL* I was thinking a bene gesserit sounds like a cool car *dies laughing* I was sooooooo wrong! Never read the books, but I do remember seeing that movie when I was younger. I was always disappointed they never made a second one.

      1. Hello Seepurple,

        Hahaha! Good one, I never thought of that before, you are right. 😀

        I read all six books, I also seen the 1984 film Dune, but I did not like the film and it did not follow the books much; but the Syfy channel made two mini-series that were better than that film in my opinion called Frank Herbert’s Dune (2000) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Herbert%27s_Dune) and Frank Herbert’s Children Of Dune (2003) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Herbert%27s_Children_of_Dune).

        I am also disappointed that they have not continued making films/mini-series/et cetera until they finish all six books because my favorite books (God Emperor Of Dune and Chapterhouse: Dune) in the series have not been made into anything else yet, in my opinion it would probably be easier/cheaper/better if they used animation instead of live-action, and get maybe a good Japanese animation company to help them make all six books into mini-series.

        -John Jr

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