5:2 Diet day two on the fasting

Why do they call it fasting on this diet?  Drastically reduced calorie intake is not really fasting.  It should be called the “two days a week torture reduced extravaganza.”  Really though, it’s not that bad.

So last night while lying in bed I suddenly had a sudden thought…eggs…how many calories are eggs?  I thought I hit the jack pot when I read boiled eggs were like 70 calories.  So excited that when the alarm went off again in the wee early morning that I almost jumped up.  Almost…..  Actually I hit snooze since I can’t really eat my morning breakfast and at least took a 15 minute nap before forcing myself to wake up again at 0600.

So at 0545 I forced myself out of bed and slowly moaned my way down to the kitchen.  Instead of making a fresh pot of coffee like I tend to do, I poured yesterday mornings coffee in a cup and nuked it.  I know, I know…I was pouting that I can’t having my crack. (remember that means french vanilla cream…I’m not nor ever was a druggy)

After getting my kick-start of 24 hour old coffee I smiled happily to open my beautiful refrigerator door so I could take out some eggs and get them to boiling.  I was beside myself with happiness…until I opened the door.  No eggs, heck hardly anything in the fridge….well low calorie *LOL*

So I went back  to pouting.  Once again I went to McDonald’s, but this time a different one. Since the last one gave me two yogurt that weren’t even half filled.  I would have thrown it back at them but I figured…trying low calorie…so that two yogurts that is actually one.  That means I actually ate probably 400 calorie instead of 500…

SO this McDonald’s was fantastic….to full yogurts.  No halves, or quarters…the whole tiny cut was filled to the top….So I throw out the granola (actually just saving them for any ideas later on the not so low-calorie diet day).  Once again I got two of them.  Had one for breakfast  and one for lunch.   Have to admit lunch was a little harder.  I’m craving beans like mad..beans and a bloody steak sounds good. (slightly cooked of course)… and sushi!

For supper I had a can of chicken and rice soup.  Lots of extra water…and hot shot!!! Woo hoo Hot shot is 0…that’s ZERO calories.  So I shot that soup up like there was no tomorrow. (for the none backwards people hotshot means tabasco sauce)

Had smaller amount of coffee of course today,

two bottles of water with my lovely spark (13 calories each)

If I’ve totalled right that’s 500 on the dot calories.

So they question arrises…did I weigh myself before I started this.  NO  and as much as I’d love to I’m not going to.  Weight watching is to….well makes you give up to quickly.  especially for us girls.  You could hit your curse, (ie Moon cycle, period, or how most men state “how are you still alive” time), and balloon up.  When your on a diet..loose two pounds but then balloon up five pounds…well that makes you just throw your hands up in the air and say….well you know.  I’m trying to make this not so adultish but it starts with a “what” and has a “the” sentence going on.  Fill that out with any word you like after. *hee, hee*


So totally going by pants size etc.

So two days down…the rest of the week normal *cries* I survived…I survived….But really it’s not bad at all.  As long as I’m working. Once again it was so busy at work if I hadn’t had the yogurt there I would not have eaten today.  So hopefully this diet works for me.  The more I look at it I feel like I was already on a 500 calorie diet for 5 days a week..and a eat normal on the weekends.

I guess will see in the end…


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