5:2 DIET *que the horror music*….and starts my diet diary…

Ok, so I’m not some huge girl looking to lose 300 lbs.  I’m the average girl who use to fit in a size 7, could live semi happy in a size 8 and has gradually gone up to size 10….and now *que horror music again*…needs to go up to size 11 or 12 to be comfortable.

What do I eat??  Actually I eat good.  Hardly ever drink Cokes like the majority of the people around me.  Like my tea without sugar now days.  If I eat sugar I like raw honey instead and dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.  I prefer coffee over tea though I love my “crack” (cute name for french vanilla flavored coffee mate…yummmyyy!!!).  I have an office job but I am active spending about 8 hrs typically outside during the weekends digging, planting, moving, mowing..anything to stay outside with my trees.  Otherwise I was spending two hours almost a day at a gym lifting weights or cardio…then working out in the mornings.  Needless to say….I still keep ballooning.

I don’t like diets.  I think I eat good anyway…and I do.  Not big on fried food, love natural food.  (Blame the evil weird virus I got…it’s the reason why natural food taste better to me.)  Needless to say I do have some medical reasons for ballooning up, but really people?

So skip the tears and the screams I’m gonna boil down my plan in two short numbers. 5:2.

Yep, never heard of it, ran into it be accident on the internet and thought….heck I can try that.  As long as my “2” is during work.  Most times I’m so busy I hardly get a chance to eat.

What is it?  Well you can google it but in short for 5 days you eat how you eat. (*coughs* as long as your eating pretty good.  )…so for five days no diet you live your life and don’t worry about calories, fats….etc.  On the 2 if you’re a girl your intake for the entire day is 500 calories per day.  For a guy it’s 600 calories a day.  THAT to me isn’t bad at all…..ASSSSS LONGGGG ASSSS YOUUUU can keep yourself busy. *LOL*  Which is no problem for me.  I stay very very..VeRy busy at work.  Heck if I can grab a lunch it’s a good day.

Does it work? Ummm don’t know.  But besides taking myself to the doctor and telling him or her to fix me…I’m giving this a shot.

So here goes the diary for now…

“Dear Diary,

    I started my diet today.  When the alarm went off at 05:30 this morning I realized I could sleep a few minutes later since I really would have to watch my intake of food.  So I got to sleep about 20 minutes longer.  I did my usual work out routine when I got up, about 10 minutes light weights and cardio…you know the fun dancing around the room while getting ready for work sort of thing *LOL*…

     I left for work early not sure what to eat.  Then it hit me.  McDonald’s has yogurt on the dollar menu.  I picked up two, tossed the granola bags (don’t want those calories).  Got to work and around 0900 ate one of them and drank a bottle of water.  Oh with spark in it.  Love the spark (has vitamins in it).  Also had my coffee this morning…but almost cried when I realized I could not put any crack in it.  To many calories.

     I worked like a one-legged woman in a butt kicking contest.  When I had a break it was around 1300 hrs.  So I went and got my 2nd yogurt and ate it.  Today I was grateful because today there would have been no lunch.  To many investigations needing to be entered and looked at.  I started on my second bottle of spark water (pomegranate flavored yummy) but didn’t finish it.  When  it hit around 17:15 I realized I was unable to finish all my work and already had more investigations piled up for tomorrow.  I was still smiling from ear to ear as I left work.  Realizing I’ve survived the day ..and I was not feeling hungry.  Though I have to admit I had to take 500 trips to the ladies room which is a long trip down the hall and along trip back…then the annoyance of having to go through so many doors and unlocking, relocking, unlocking, relocking doors.  Grrrrrrrrr but I know I need the water so I’m trying to keep up with it.  Really wish I had a bathroom in my office. *LOL*

When I got home I opened up a can of mixed vegis, Poured out 1.5 cups of it, opened up a  can  of cream of mushroom soup and took out 3 spoon fulls of it out and added it to the mixed vegis, and threw in herbs galore into it…heated it up, put one small spoon full of sour cream…placed it in a bowl and had my super.  Believe it or not…it was hard to eat because I wasn’t really that hungry.  (maybe because there was no meat or pasta in it.  I do have to admit I was looking at all the geese flying over head earlier and commented on how I wish I could shoot some down and have a goose for supper….but I didn’t. *pouts*


So had a little bit of left over black coffee…and the rest of my water.  So far so good…that’s the end of my day.  I am more tired than usual but not in a bad way.  More of a..I’m just sleepy sort of way.  So gonna call it an early night”


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