President vs Isis?

Ok, first of all I don’t want to type this out.  I hate politics, it was a very boring dream, and I’m a republican that’s not die hard…in other words I’ve got a brain and can think for myself.  With that said I’m sharing my dream in case it has some meaning to someone.  GrrrrRRRRrrr  I hate boring dreams….

President of the United states was with me and my family and other people.   A large group of us including some military personal were hiding out against the enemy.  We had captured a couple of men who were extremest.  (I believe they were Isis, but no doubt extreme muslim.)  As much as the majority of the people wanted to kill the captured men the President wanted to keep them alive and well.  He believed it was inhuman to kill them.  In fact the extremest were with us for so long eventually they became “friendly”.  We let them run around in the camp.  We knew their names etc.  (Stockholm syndrome I really don’t think so.  It was more we spoiled them and they knew how to survive by lying and playing.)

I remember our food supply.  I don’t know how we got it, but one was large enough we had dug a group of holes to separate the different types of food.  Most of the food was packaged food and the lot of it was cereal.  Lots and lots of cereal from kids cereal to adults.  I think we had cleaned out a grocery store of mainly dry products.  There was no meat, nothing that needed refrigerated.  We had a huge bag of sugar which we never touched.  I remember in the dream thinking how useless the sugar was and how silly anyone would think we’d need it.

We had two wagons (kids red wagons) propped up.  One was against a house we were staying at.  The other was propped up against a gate.  They also had lots of dried food.

So we lived there.  The majority of us living outside in the yard due to the house not being large enough to fit us.  We were hoping the extremest would not find this place.  We were rationing food.  But over all we were just living like anyone would live.  arguments, laughter, and so on took place.

The President really had no say so on the day-to-day living.  Generally he stayed quiet and to himself.  He had some men that would protect him.  But otherwise he was a very nice quiet guy with little to say unless it was a big decision.

Then there was a day when we found out the extremest found us all.  We knew they were on the way.  Everyone packed what they could and started heading out.  I remember out friendly prisoners were so excited.  You would have thought they had won the lottery.  The President had stated the friendlies could stay to meet up with their Isis group.  They had promised to not do arms against us..and everyone in the group liked them.  That of course was mistake #1.  As soon as the group had left and the President had turned his back the Prisoners begin making what looked like voodoo dolls on wooden poles. Each of the group was on each of the pole.  A symbol to them of counting, remembering and a promise once they got their weapons on killing each and every one.

The majority of our group had already started to leave.  I looked at the food supply and went up to the president who was laying on his back under a beautiful green tree that I knew well and watching something on a iPAD (never ever thought to see a president on an iPAD *LOL*).  I asked him what about all the food.  Our group would need it.  He then did mistake #2, stated we didn’t need to burden with the food, we’d find some more or someone would bring us some.

I went into the house.  we still had telephone and TV capability though it was sparse.  I received a phone call for the president.  They knew he would not listen so they told me…(OH CR*P!  I FORGOT!!!  It was important.  Darn dreams!!)..anyway I went back outside where our President was laying under the tree watching his Ipad (I think his Ipad was red)  I told the president what the call was about.  There was an urgency that we needed to quickly get out of the area or we would likely get captured and die.  The president never even looked at me, he kept watching what ever he was watching though he smiled a sweet and generous smile and laughed as one would a child that said something cute and funny.   He then told me in a round about way that I worried too much and that we would be taken care of because he was the President.  He explained to me that people were always panicking when they shouldn’t be and I needed to put more faith in the capability of the military and other forces.  Mistake #3….”but that was the military that called and said we needed to get out now”.

So the President kept laying on a large limb of the green tree.  He looked comfortable as he had his ipad propped up against his chest and kept watching something.  I suddenly had hope that everything was going to be good.  He must be talking or communicating with the military or Washington on the Ipad and that’s why he’s laughing and saying everything is going to be ok.  I felt relieve…yes, dont’ panic.  Then I suddenly realize…no….he’s not communicating.  I never found out what he was watching but it had nothing to do with  our predicament.  When I looked around I realized the Presidents people were all gone.  They had even abandoned him, realizing he would not listen to reason and was putting the United States at risk.  They chose to leave him….Great…so I was the last girl standing in hopes to save him.  Though nieve and helpless I knew he was a good man who was just a little arrogant in himself, his stubbornness, and the beautiful mind that the United States was so powerful that just like in fairy tales in the end everything would work out just fine…we just had to play nice and hope our sacrifice would bring others to say….”no don’t kill them, they were nice to me”… Shaking my head and realizing I could not save the President from his world since he would not even listen to his military commanders screaming..screaming so loud they had to talk to me to even get a word to the President…I walked away.  He remained there under the tree.

I started to leave the food…but didn’t.  Even though I was just one girl I knew the group would need food.  We might get help from others…we might get air drops from the sky or find another grocery store.  But you can’t live on hope and dreams.  You have to take what is given to you and work on keeping it.

So I got the two wagons and started puling the food on it.  That’s when I realized I was doing a great thing.  Had I left the food, the Enemy would have come in…killed  us…and had lots of supplies to add to their list.  We would just be supplying them and made them stronger.  No, starving them out would slow them down.  I remember what a burden…No one to help…Worse I was Pregnant.  My large Belly showing as I saw myself, rolling two large wagons of food.  Wondering how I was gonna survive and do this all with my large belly, and having to walk out.  I would walk as far as I could until I collapsed.  I had to do this for the ones that were left.  I had to do this for America.   .

As I walked off I remember God helps those that help themself.

(Woo Glad that’s over.  I hate boring Dreams!  Was told I needed to write this one though.  I should put more detail.  All I can say is almost woke up screaming when I saw I was pregnant *LOL*  Don’t know that that means but I’m not pregnant!)


3 thoughts on “President vs Isis?

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    I do not think that this was a boring dream in my opinion.

    I find it interesting how the dream seemed to be mostly/completely based on your own beliefs, views, expectations, predictions, et cetera about the situation/the world/others/et cetera.

    Reading and seeing it from your point of view while also imagining certain things from my point of view is an example of how different people can see/react/think of/et cetera the same situation in different ways, almost like each person having their own little reality in their own minds based on their own beliefs/views/expectations/predictions/et cetera, which is very interesting.

    Thank you for sharing this dream. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. Thank you. Your right though. Our thoughts help predict usually our views. I think thats why I have a hard time when I’m put in someone else. I have my thoughts and yet they think different. It’s very…well a pain in the tail end. *LOL*

      1. You are welcome Seepurple. 🙂

        Yeah, and I think that our thoughts can also effect/affect us in some ways (physical, mental, emotional, social, et cetera) that we do understand and do not understand. 😉

        -John Jr

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