UFO over my bed

So I’ve debated this for some time whether to actually write about this.  There’s other things I would love to tell you…but can’t.  I don’t know if it’s because I”m scared, I was told not to, or because I just psyched myself into believing I can’t…but this one.  I feel I can tell you.  *shrugs* Not to mention my blog is very unpopular so It’s ok to tell you.  There’s only a hand full of people who read this.

So here’s my story….

Lately my life has been in turmoil.  There’s been a lot of stress I have to admit for the past two going on three years.  It’s life, but needless to say I’ve had restless sleep lately and wake up on an average of 5 to 10 times a night.  I can usually count the times I wake up like clock work.  12:30, 01:30, 03:30, 04:10, 05:00…and so forth.  Stress brings restless nights.  I’m not one to talk about my problems while they are happening…maybe once they are resolved I’ll use it as a lesson or advise for someone else that has been in my shoes.

Needless to say I was laying in bed with my husband one night.  He slept on the left side of the bed closest to the door.  I slept on the right side closest to our Window.  We have a huge master bedroom, large bed…I love our room.  I was laying on my right side when I woke up.  When I awoke I flung my eyes opened but didn’t move a muscle though I dearly wanted to.  I could feel the crushing weight of sleep against my body.  The feeling you were sleeping so hard your body needs to move…but I didn’t.  I carefully scanned the darkness.  I could hear my husband next to me breathing steadily and easily.

Something is wrong…I can sense it…

I could feel my senses warning me not to move…but I couldn’t figure out why.  I kept looking through the dark.  Everything was dark, it was likely between 1:30 and 3:30 am but I couldn’t see a clock to see what time It was.  I didn’t want to move my head or lift up.  I glanced towards the fireplace, up to the ceilings, the floor.  My mind is going crazy as one might when you just wake up in the dark and feeling suddenly afraid.  Every creature you can think of is suddenly out to get you. Did some man break into the house and standing over one of us and I can’t see it?  Is there some horrible dark creature under the bed waiting for me to put my feet on the ground?  I can’t see anything and I’m about to give up, stretch my aching legs and arms, roll over and go back to sleep..but I still wait.  That sudden urge of something is still wrong.  Then I hear it…a sudden thumping sliding sound.  It sounds slightly familiar but wrong.  My mind whizzes and I wish I could kick my husband awake.  It wouldn’t help.  If I moved what ever is making the sliding, moving sound will know I’m awake “be still”.

The sound grows stronger and I know it’s over my husband, coming across to me..*scrap, thumb,slide” Where have i heard that sound? Sorta like a light metallic or hard plastic sound.  Suddenly I kinda see what it is.  It’s metallic..round..and there’s a very long line coming from it.  It looks like it’s dragging over the bed over us, then suddenly it slides to the foot of the bed.  The metallic sound is coming from it sliding slightly over the ceiling.  I’m frozen in fear…what is that.  It’s a UFO over my bed..what is that long tendril coming out of it.  Is it testing and feeling us?  Or is this some space alien and it’s long tactical fingers fixen  to taste its first meal.  “don’t move.  Don’t let it know your awake.  Breath normal. Don’t scream.  Be very still”  my mind is reacting 100 miles a minute as all minds do when in a panic.

What is that?  What can it be?  What does it want?  It seems so familiar.  As it crosses the middle of the room it moves very slowly against the ceiling, it’s long tendril seems suddenly shorter and waves lightly in the air.  Suddenly a thought comes to me and I instantly relax in my mind, but not in my body.  It’s my daughters balloon!  I told her she never just leave her balloons floating around, they could get caught in the fans.  I almost move as I start laughing inwardly at myself, and close my eyes.  Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I freaked out over my daughters balloon.  At least it still floats.

Closing my eyes in relieve I question myself…but why is my body still in alert.  Why not stretch out and roll over.  I can hear the metallic balloon slowly move closer until it’s in front of me.  I open my eyes, still careful not to move.  I can’t think.  It’s hard to think…though I’m trying real hard.  I’m missing something…

My daughter does not have a helium balloon……

She hasn’t been to any parties or birthdays……

Why was I even thinking she had been? What the hell is that thing!  As I look up the balloon is in front of me.  it’s hanging ALMOST like a helium balloon woulld…but not quit.  It’s very tip is sliding against the ceiling, but the main portion of the ball is sitting up..so its not pushed against the ceiling like a balloon would be.  The ceiling fan is going and the air is circulating but the long tendril coming from the sphere is waving and dangling in ways against the air current.  Like a beautiful dance in itself, testing…for something.

I now realize how easy I could have gone back to sleep thinking it was a balloon…but it’s not.  I suddenly realize the balloon went across the room and was never affected in any way with the large ceiling fan that was still on.  How did I miss this?  Did I come up with the idea that it was my daughters balloon..is the from my brain or was it making a suggestion?  I’m beating to cope with the unknown I just fit it into a story I could live with.  Silly brain.

It stopped between the brick of the fireplace and the window and it hung there as I watched it.  Or maybe it was watching me.  I don’t know.  I felt that it didn’t know I was awake…but I don’t know.  I don’t know anything except that is not a balloon…and just like so many other things I have seen it does not fit the mass of people sightings I’ve heard and seen.  I remain still the whole time and stare at the object.  I start thinking that I might suddenly shoot up out of bed and grab it.  I think of the possible outcomes…death, electrocution, death….death…  Ah Hell, I’m gonna grab it.  As I decide my curiosity has gotten me and it’s time to grab it, the object suddenly starts to fade out….and then disappears.  No sound, no movement..just like it suddenly went invisible.  I wait and suddenly I sit up, throw myself out of bed and quickly reach up…hoping….it’s not there.  And it’s not, Thank God!.  Don’t know what I would have done if it had gone invisible and I had grabbed it.

Since then each night I look for the small metallic UFO.  I have looked everywhere for stories like mine and have not found one until…last week.  There was an actually video of one that some guy had on video.  It looked much like mine but his looked to have about three fingers going in and out like some animal as it floated up in the sky.  All I could think was there could be millions of these cute little buggers and no one would think twice.  Because just like me you’re gonna say “oh it’s a balloon” outside your likely to say if it’s acting strange “it’s a weather balloon”..needless to say if you see one..pay attention to the air currents.  If there’s a strong wind but it’s not going anywhere….think twice.  If the wind is blowing east but it’s going west…think twice.  If you wake up and a silver round object with a long tendril is over your bed…well…grab it and let me know what happens.

If you know what it is and what it does let me know…I’m more curious then scared (scared yes but my curiosity out weights my fright)

All I can think of is this…how did they do it?  How did they just disappear?  That’s three times I’ve seen some type of invisible thing…one appearing…one disappearing…and the other not seen at all.  Where did it go when it disappeared…I still keep reaching up occasionally wondering if I’ll reach up one day and hit something invisible.  It’s just wonderful…and scary at the same time.  You can’t fight something like that..but I’d love to know how they do it.  How technology could help farmers in some weird way.  Help our planet…I got to catch me a metallic UFO and ask them nicely to learn.  How neat would that be.


One thought on “UFO over my bed

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    That was quite an experience that you had there, I do not think that I have heard of something like this before, but I did have a dream once with maybe a strange balloon-like alien/entity/drone/object (5-31-2012 | Dream Fragments (CP) | The Alien Abduction Group?).

    I wish that you would have moved so that we could know if this was a sleep paralysis experience/hallucination or not (I have had several in my life, but I never seen anything like that yet).

    Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    -John Jr

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