invisible spacecraft

Do you remember my post on “Space No laughing matter”…well  I might not be laughing but I’m smiling from ear to ear…

I was scared to death if you remember my telling of the story.  I think I’m better now and I have to say I must Thank someone who just recently passed away.  He had mentioned that someone had told him they had gone into a spacecraft and they were amazed because they could see everything as if the spacecraft was invisible from the inside.  Which makes sense.

So I should not have been afraid.  I could not move because I was  more than likely in a craft like that.  Since I could not see I was in the craft I just thought I was unable to move and unable to understand how I was living and shooting past planets.  I’m still laughing…sorry.  I know it was a dream but dream or makes sense and I’m now at peace with that.  There’s a lot that man stated that helps me.  I’ve been trying to figure out magnets vs gravity and I think he had a pretty good idea.  So I still haven’t figured it out…but now I know I’m in the right direction.  So either he’s a crazy man with great ideas, or a man with great ideas that people will try to make him look crazy.  Which ever he was I want to thank you and I wish I had met him when he was alive.  He probably would have been one cool teacher.

All I can say is…that planet in my dream…it was HUGE!!! HUGE!!!!


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