Conscious Box *updated again*

Conscious Box is another subscription gift box you get each month just like Birch Box.

But instead of items Conscious box is supposed to deliver a varied or sampling of food.

Another great gift idea I thought I could do for my mother-in-law…


So Far unlike Birch box this one was a complete flop…so far…

I’m still in the process of seeing if I can get this one gift gone wrong corrected…I’ll let you’s still ongoing.

#1 problem…when you sign up it’s an automatic draft money out of your bank…so if you don’t call to cancel..whether you like it or not…they will take your money.

#2 problem…no phone number or 1-800 number for customer service.

#3 problem…no automatic button I see to cancel if you do not like it.

#4 problem…Ordered Oct 7 2014 a gift box for my mother-in-law in hopes it would reach her on her birthday…Got a confirmation…money taken out of bank…and an e-mail to say they would let me know when the box went out…it’s been almost 30 days and still nothing.  Needless to say she didn’t get anything for her birthday and I’m trying to get ahold of someone.  Only good thing so far is I do have two ticket problem numbers saying they will try to look into it…and that I should go learn to knit something useful (seems kinda rude).  And I do have an e-mail with the confirmation of my order.

#5 problem…my account on the site shows nothing.  Does not even show I purchased anything.

So Conscious box NO NO NO…so far.


UPDATE: 12-9-14

It’s still a NO No NO…or should I say RUN!  Birch box is still a yes.

I’ve gone back and forth with Conscous box, gone through BBB and still nothing.  I could keep persuing through the BBB but for twenty something dollars the headach isn’t worth it.  Tried to get them to just send the stuff, then tried to get them to refund..even gave my number and told them to call me anytime…and nothing.  All their letters are just mass produced and there’s no one to actually talk to.   I’m sure the company is making a pretty penny off of people like me that can’t get their money refunded, the product sent…but giving up on the battle.  Can you say extortion?  I will.

So no. Until they get a customer service with a number don’t even bother.  When they get a site where you can cancel at any time…don’t do it.  Just say no!

However Birch box is still doing good.  I’ll post more on that one…


Update Jan 2015…well guess what..a box was finally delivered once the very end of december.  I don’t think it was that impressive…but I didn’t get to see it.  I don’t know if it’s the last of the three that was promised  or the first of the three which should have been delivered in October 2014.  Needless to say the hellish stuff I had to suffer for, the let down of the gift, and the package of what was given…still not worth the money.  If any of the other two were delivered like promised..I’ll let you know.  However, if this is the last statement I give…that means out of three months only one was delivered and it was almost three months late.


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