Birch Box *updated*

Birch Box is a subscription.

Sorta like getting a magazine of items each month.

You can pick either for a woman or a man.  Needless to say I decided to try it out because I hate (especially for you men out there) trying to figure out what you want.  I know WHAT you want..but I need to buy within my means.  New Pick-up Trucks, Motorcycles, guns…kinda hard on the budget..and socks and gloves get old.

So last month I decided to try a Birch Box for men on my father.  So far it’s a hit.  He received a lot of things I had to google dealing with hair stuff and smelly stuff made for men.  My dad’s a cowboy..soooo he’s nor any of the rest of my main family know much about palmade for hair. *LOL*

Anyway his gift was for three months..each month he will receive a box with various surprises for men.  The first box was great. His favorite in the October Box was the tool kit that had all kinds of tools with it, in a very nice plastic container.  So far two thumbs up….I didn’t even mind googling the perfumes for men.  Learned a lot about mens products.  I’ll let you know how the next box goes when he gets it.  so far this is the best gift I think I ever thought of.  It’s like a surprise each month.

Figured I’d share in case you girls couldn’t think of anything to get your sweetie, friends, or parents..One day I might even get my own Birch box surprise so each month I can get a gift.


My father received another box full of stuff.  He was surprised since both him and my mother forgot it was for three months.  Seriously I have no idea what was in it.  But from what my family states their happy.  I don’t my mother if there’s anything he does not want he’s got some christmas stocking stuffers.  


Very pleased with Birthbox so far.  They will burn up your e-mail just like the other box gift places…so if you have a junk e-mail you might forward everything to that.  But two thumbs up…so much that when I get enough money I”m sending myself a birthbox gift collection for three months just to see what surprised I get…Or stocking stuffers I’ll get for next year to give away. *LOL*


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