Truth be known…

Technology existed thousands of years

There was a great flood

We slowed down as a civilization because we no longer live almost a thousand years like we use to…we now hardly live 100 years.

There is monsters in the world, every single one of you knows at least one.

People are naive mainly because they are scared or had very bad teachers who don’t understand.

Everything is possible, anything is possible.  Those that realize that love to learn everything.  The other half that use to believe that question everything and try to disprove almost anything.

God does exist.

Aliens exist

Government exist

Taxes exist

You exist

…and someone cares for you and loves you no mater how lonely you feel.

I howl and growl, my husband worries I might turn and eat him one night.  It’s a joke we share in the family.  Does it make me strange and unique…yes.  How many people know about it.  Maybe four total in the world.  You don’t know me so you don’t count.   But I bet your unique and wonderful and I know I or someone else would be interested in knowing what is special about you.  It’s the little things that make people unique.  One girl  know is maybe 120 lbs, skinny but when she sneezes people on the other side of a building can hear it.  It’s a trade mark of hers.

My grandfather use to smoke pipes, he stopped smoking but he always had a cigar in his mouth and he’d chew on the end.  Never smoking it but I can always see that cigar in his mouth.

Everyone I watch on this blog site either wants to share some sort of connection.  They want to be heard, or to hear someone else.  I am no different then you.  Your no different then me..yet we are all very very different.  Some are seeking prey, some are seeking shelter, some are seeking companionship, others understanding, others are trying to learn things, and yet others are trying to share stories and ideas.  Some are seeking everything under the sun and yet others just feel lonely and type in hopes of what?  I don’t know…(some I’m still trying to figure out).

Truth be known…everything is possible and I need you to open your mind to me and everyone else.


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