Sept 6 2014 a day of…what? Need some good advice.

It’s actually a beautiful morning.  It’s drizzling outside, the weather is cool.  It’s a Saturday….and I’m on my tip toes today, why?  I am roving the house like a mad woman.  Going through channels, computer, cell everything worried about something.  I’ve checked the news, checked earthquakes, volcanos…everything.  I’m so weirded out that I’m sick to my stomach and on this perfect day.  *LOL* OMG I have gone mad!


(Art work by Sam Kim name “calm & Cold Taoist Fairy”)

I’ve tried watching educational channels.  In fact just learned to quilt.  I literally had to almost tie myself to the couch to not flip through the channels like a crazy person.  I always wanted to know how people quilt.  I know now and I’m happy about it.  A LOT easier then I imagined it to be (can’t say I can do it, still got to learn how to operate a sowing machine *S*)…but still I’m not even happy about that.  

Any advice on how to calm down, breath and relax today would be soooooo valuable to me right now.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  It’s ruining my wonderful day off.  Need Advice.



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