This morning I dreamed the United States was going to be  invaded by planes coming up from I believe Vallahermosa in Mexico.  Strangely I had a strong feeling it was Korean planes.  Which was surprising because I figured it would be Middle Eastern.  I just remember the map in my dream, it showed Texas, then went down towards Mexico.  They were coming in from one of the smallest parts of the land.  When I woke I was thinking Panama Canal and It might have been, but when I’m looking at the map now I don’t think it was that far down, it was a little closer.  They used Planes and traveled through Mexico on up into Texas.  I remember though Texas was not getting much rain and a cloud was a blessing, that in this dream it was cloudy in North Texas, very cloudy and they were all sitting and wondering if clouds were a blessing or a curse.

In short would the planes use the clouds to help fly them in?  Or would it block to much visibility to they would stay put until they showed.

uneasy dream…now I have to hurry and get ready for work!!!

calm 2

(art work: Beam me up Scotty by Imaginism)


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