Ethic Layer Conveyor

Yes, just like the title states.  The thing was called an “Ethic Layer Conveyor”….and yes to those that know me now very well, this was another unusual dream I had.  Before getting to the conveyor thing let me tell you what I remember of my dream…

It was a very hot  day and I was so glad that the large trees of the forest gave some shade as thousands of us slowly kept walking up the large slopes of the mountain.  Looking around it was beautiful, the majority of us were following a dirt road up. It made it easier but still so slow.  I knew we had to get up the mountain but I wasn’t sure why.  I knew there was a time limit but nothing that was pending at the moment.  The air was still and hot, the humidity great but not as bad as I thought it would be with so many green beautiful trees.  I looked upon the tree thinking this would have been a beautiful place to vacation with family.  I quickly wiped the thought of my family out of my head as I continues to move up slowly.  So slowly it was hard to realize there was even a slope to the mountain.

The majority of the people were young, likely high school kids, college kids and very young adults.  I looked around for my family but once again tried to force my mind not to think about it. Why?  Did some tragedy befallen them?  I don’t know but I think the highly likely thing is once again I was just hitching a ride in another persons body and this was more her story, not mine.  I could feel my deep thoughts cringe at the slight thought…hope…that I was another person here to learn another new thing.

Women, Men, young adults, no kids, no older people.  I felt like the oldest living soul at the moment.  The  front of my body was occasionally pressed up against another person and my back could feel the presence of another soul behind me, that is how crowded it was and everyone was headed up the mountain.  Sweaty faces, hot faces, a few conversations on normal nature going on with some of the younger groups.  It was strange to see how horrible this was yet I heard little to no complaining just determination and slow-moving.  I kept glancing around thinking as slow as the pace is, how hot it is..and no one has food or water, half of us, if not all would be dead before we reached the top.   After awhile I noticed a young woman around the age of 21 with blonde hair.  She and her friends were working their way up.  I kept hearing her state “I’m so hot, I need to rest.”  They ignored her plea for them to slow down or even take notice.  I watched wondering if maybe this was a typical “complainer” person.  It wasn’t.  Her flushed face, her lack of sweating, or cold look.  The girl was about to collapse from a heat stroke.  I gathered she would die by the end of the night if there was no water.

Suddenly the trees opened up to a large area.  It looked like an old camp ground.  it had a water trough with two very slow flowing fountains of water in one area, and I couldn’t believe it…a restrooms.  One mens, one womans.  I was so amazed but I also knew that going in there was likely to be a horrible mess.  These thousands of people moving and two fountains and two bathrooms but strangely most everyone just kept their slow meander and movement to get to the top.  The top was still a long ways.  Yes, most would die.  I had no group, I felt alone.  I watched the group with the heat exhausted girl continue to go on up.  I remember thinking I would help the girl.  Get her to lay in the cool green grass and hopefully get some water and on her and in her.  I figured if I could keep her cool and keep her still for the night she might survive and then have enough energy to continue on the next day.

I went to the slow running fountain to drink….and then I don’t know what happened.

My next memory is I’m on the same mountain, still the same person.  I don’t know if I helped that girl or not.  I’m not sure of anything.  I just know I’m slightly rested and I’m walking again.  With me are about three other people. Two boys and a girl. They talk a lot.  The normal “let’s have fun and give everyone a hard time” sort of talk.  I keep walking and they stay by my side.  It makes me feel better to feel like part of their group, though I know I’m not.  Finally I speak, though I’m unsure of my words that I say.  I let them know that we have no food, no water and the top of the mountain is so far away so the likely hood of just walking and surviving would be greatly negative.

Though I know it’s the same day but it’s almost as if the mountain heard me or I knew something they didn’t.  There suddenly in our path was an “Ethic Layer Conveyor”.  I know this because that is what it was called in the dream.  There was a large drop off in the mountain, the large green trees were everywhere.  Hanging between the trees way up off the ground from this drop off was two bench like chairs on a flat surface (think sorta like a roller coaster but more open).  It had a sides but no back or front.  three people could fit in the front bench, three on the back.  How ever I think we did two and two. (If I counted the people right).  On each side was three spider leg looking metal bars.  They were segmented just like a spider leg but as silver and pretty as most metals could be.  So you had six legs on each side to hold the chairs and platform up.  the legs stretched out towards the trees and laid about a quarter of the leg  across a larger metal bar.  There was also a webbing of fence, a metal fence that crisscrossed in patterns,  I don’t know if the fence had anything to keep people from getting into the movement zone or if it had something to do with the motion of the conveyor.  I was intrigued.  I figured this high riding cart would probably do good going down the mountain by sliding down the metal poles.  ….but…..

Suddenly we are going.  At first at a very slow pace but then it speeds up.  It’s a very enjoyable ride, very soft, no pumps, even though we pick up a lot of speed it’s not enough to be very windy.  We are all excited and happy.  I keep studying the cart we are riding trying to figure out how six small bars in the shape of spider legs sliding over two large metal pipes could not only be pretty quiet, very smooth, but we are also traveling up the mountain, not down.  There’s no pulley system, I see no electricity or cables of any sort.  But I can hear the constant sound of “Hummmmm click, Hummmmmm click, Hummmmm, click” as we continue to slide fast and steady up the mountain.  Occasionally there are round turns.  Each time I hold my breath knowing these flat bars are going to not catch the large metal pipe it slides over and we are going to fall to our deaths.  But each bend that comes I can see the result with fascination.  One bend we turned right, the three spider lets next to me, as soon as the bend starts, the tips of the spider legs automatically start to bend down, helping to catch and guarantee there will be no slipping.  It happens a few times and each time the legs do it again.  The legs are not alive, I know this, where is no electricity..I can see that the metal leg bends there’s a small hallow area, then another metal bar inside it.   I’m not concentrating on the “Ethic Layer Conveyor” trying to memorize everything that’s important so me or hopefully someone else might be able to take something from this…then my alarm wakes me up!  DARN!

I want to make this “ethic layer conveyor ” now *LOL* I looked up ways and sadly I needed to stay in that dream to learn more and I can’t get back.  I thinking with the Humm click noise and knowing that it had nothing to do with electricity as we see it that maybe it was magnets?  Maybe that’s why the legs automatically moved towards the larger pipe when there was a turn?


One thought on “Ethic Layer Conveyor

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    That was an interesting dream and Ethic Layer Conveyor is an interesting name, it is funny and interesting when our minds/brains think up silly/interesting/unique names like this in our dreams sometimes, but I hate when there is an invention/something in a dream that you would like to remember well enough to make it/share it in the real world but you usually can not remember enough to do this and/or it makes no sense so it would not be possible to recreate in the real world; maybe one day we will remember enough of a dream invention/whatever that can be made in the real world. 😉

    Thank you for sharing your dream, and I have now finished reading all of the dreams on your blog I think (if I missed one/some please do let me know 😉 ). 🙂

    -John Jr

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