Typical woman…started with one story and ended on Chupacabra story….


I live in a very decent house.  Sadly for the majority of the time it’s just me and my young daughter.  I told my husband I’m just going to go ahead and sell our beautiful house since it’s just the two of us for the majority of the time and get a small apartment.  That way we can start catching up on bills.  In short our house has caused some problems with our money situation…two foundation leaks in a row.  Well that was a couple thousand bucks.  Leak from upstairs going through to our dinning room…that’s a couple bucks, and now…guess what…another leak from upstairs but in our living room just above the couch.

Oh but how I love our home.  It’s the first home I’ve lived in that I can generally live with the ghost. (I know some of you know what I’m talking about so I won’t explain).  The backyard is a paradise for me.  It’s huge so I have my grape vines that stretches like crazy over the wooden fence.  I have my trees, my garden, my koi that had their babies..so even more koi.  I’m a outdoor girl that spends most of her time with a hoe in her hand (the tool!), and a shovel.   I cry when a tree dies and laugh at the other animals come through the yard.

Which reminds me…yesterday in the front yard I believe I saw a wild animal that was crossed between a large cat and a greyhound.  Beautiful short shiny hair long pointy ears, the face and body more cat like but a short muzzle to represent the dog family.  Very smart looking by it’s keen eyes and it’s movements.  Graceful but very dog like intelligence.  It ran behind me and I thought it was the neighbors cat that just grabbed a baby bird.  I took a step towards it because I was planning on taking up the chase with momma and daddy bird, then stopped.  That’s not a cat, that’s a ….a fox?  But it doesn’t look like a fox.  It looks like something that jumped out of an egyptian myth or something.  It stopped and looked at me as we both watched each other.  Wasn’t aggressive..wasn’t scared.  It was very agile and fast looking.  My daughter started to run after it so she could play with it and I had to snatch her back.

“no sweetie”

“But why?  I wanna pet it.”

“Because that’s a wild animal and you’ll either scare it or it’ll bite you.” I was more worried it would bite.  Lucky for me it looks like if it did I could pick it up and ring it’s little neck.

It just sat there Staring at me and me at it.  All I could think of..it’s so beautiful but so strange.  , that’s what it looks like.  “That’s a fox”  I told my daughter “We don’t want to scare it”

I suddenly hear her voice cooing in an excitement like she was at a toy store  and just saw the next best barbie doll. “Ahhhhhh, it’s so cuteeeee.”


I looked at it’s long whippet like tail that almost hit the ground.  Stories of Chupacabra state it’s a dog or fox with scabies.  Well I know scabies and this animal is healthy, very skinny and feline looking but it has all it’s hair, it looks if you ran your hands through it, it would be like a short haired cat.  Nope got all it’s hair, very short and darkish brown so it’s not a scabies deal.

It’s legs were very very thin then it had it’s paws, It’s tail very long and curled up just before it dragged the ground.  I was thinking as I watched it that the tail must be very useful to balance, such a lith animal.  The face was very unusual.  The snout smaller then  most dogs, it’s face had a cat like quality.  It’s ears though, wow, huge pyramid years stood up strong from it’s face.  I think thats why I really couldn’t get egyptian out of my head.  Perfect pyramid looking ears.

I go through my thoughts while watching this animal.  Can’t see the color of the eyes.  It’s watching me, I’m watching it but I’m in the 110 degree sun and it’s standing very smartly under the shade of the tree.  It’s not coyote or even half coyote and dog.  I’m a country girl.  Know coyote when I see coyote.  It’s more fox then coyote.

It just stood there.  No shaking, no unknown feelings, very confident in itself.  I felt no worried feelings  about the creature even with my baby daughter running around me.  Very Unlike the neighbors weenie dogs that I have to kick back now and then when they try to attack my daughters heels.  GrrrrrrRRRR stupid dogs!

At first I thought the creature was actually debating on approaching.  That would be cool, but stupid on my part.  Especially when I had no idea what it was.

What if it was Chupracabra.

What if Chupracabra  just walk up to you and…the air of calmness…You think all this pretty wild creature wants me  to pet me.  You reach out, it lets you pet it, then bang…the lick or the bite knocks you and yours unconcious and then what?  It digs into your neck and sucks the blood out of you.  Wow, wouldn’t that be great in my  front yard in the middle of the afternoon.

*LOL* I know, I know far fetched but without another grown up I was thinking…”I want to pet you but I don’t know you”.

Almost taking the hint the creature trotted over to the neighbors yard and began to just look around for a place to go.  I could hear other neighbors coming outside with some of their family down the street.  Ironically, the creature still approached towards them but was looking for a quick way out through the neighbors side yards.

Strange I thought…very strange…Most wild animals…would spook and run the other way.  This creature was smart.  Keen is probably a better word.  It was very keen at everything around it and the situation as it debated where to go and what was watching it.  It kept looking back at me because  I was watching it.

You could see it  puzzling out it escape route which was very interesting to watch.  This way…no…that way…no back track slowly and pick this…maybe not that…

I finally stopped watching and turned my back on the strange cat/dog so my interested didn’t peak the neighbors interest as the creature looked for a way out of the front yards.

After that encounter I jumped on the internet and googled.  Chupracabra…and yep that’s what it looked like for the most part…then I found the name.

I believe what I saw was a Samson fox.

I can’t find very pretty picture to represent it but I’ll post some that’s close to it.

In real life though it’s a pretty lithe creature.


….and I’ll later get back to my original story..To roommate or not to roommate.  Sorry had a girly moment….


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