Advise: If you don’t treat her like a Princess don’t be surprised to have a Queen.

Here is my own advise for others to follow and to understand me.


It’s true.

Is that for every women in the world….no.

Some women get to be treated like princess and yet still takes the Queens role.

Some women, even if you don’t treat them like princess, remain a princess…the poor drama queens. (LOL)

What do I mean by this advise?  I’ll explain.  Take a good (normal) woman and treat her like a princess.  In short, you take care of her.  Sure, she takes care of the house, the cooking,  and you.  The Princess is occasionally spoiled and does the womanly thing such as make herself nice for her man.  Hair done, nails done, cute clothes.   She can always rely on you.  Your always there for her and the family.  If something goes wrong with the plumbing..your there to fix it or you can  call someone.  If there’s something she’s scared of, your there to protect her and the family.  Your the man.  Total man.  The knight in shinning armor and she’s the beautiful princess you care so much for.  Your handling bringing home the bacon.  She helps you, it’s the damsel in distress and the knight to fight away the dragons.

Take all that away.

Have her fend for herself.  Be the man that’s always gone. Have her work full time.  When things go wrong you tell her she needs to take care of it.  You throw her into the role of Queen.  You just lost your princess man…you’ve got a full out Queen that is willing to go to war to protect what she created.  Prince or really don’t matter now.  She’ll either been  your Queen and the likely hood of having a prince on the side is neal to none.  A queen needs her power and there’s only power behind a king.  Sadly though, a Queen can rule a country without a king or even against a King.  Even more sad…beware of other kings.  The more power she gets, the more others want to be around her…and the more your gonna have to do for her to want to stay.

Ever hear of the walkaway wife syndrome?

Now I’m not talking about those crazy women that leave everything including the kids.  No Queen would ever walk away from their kids.  Only their Kings.

It’s kinda how I tell people at work.  I work in a very high stress job that really only men should do.  I always make people gasp when we have a supervisors class and some of the men get up and start yelling how women should not do or be in our line of work.

I quietly listen

After the rants and raves, the men beating on the desk I raise my hand and wait.  As the speaker calls on me I don’t even stand up.  Glancing around the room I look at all the men in the room.  “I completely agree with you.”  I state and everyone looks surprised.  Now I have all the mens attention including the speaker and you can hear a pin drop.  “I don’t think women should be in this line of work either.  In fact I don’t even think the clerks should be women in this building.  We are weaker, softer, slower and more likely to get hurt.”   I pause for a second to see if anyone wants to disagree.  Instead I still have shocked looks…“My father told me never to get in this line of work.  I have to hear it every time I see him about how women should never be here…and I agree.”  Suddenly I smile as I realize not only had I been in my line of work for awhile but for years, moving up in ranks and respect.  “I would rather be at home.  Watching the kids and being a girl.  I would rather worry about how to fix my hair, do my nails and what I’m gonna cook for my husband.  I’d rather work outside and not worry if I”m gonna get hurt or regret my day.  But you “men” made it a mistake and let us in.  If your gonna let a woman work for you, then I’m gonna apply.  I don’t think women should be in the military, I don’t think women should be in police work, I think any type of line of duty from a fireman to policeman is for just that…a man.  But you open it up and us women will take the jobs when men don’t fill them.  Then will do a good job because we have to prove we can do it and were good enough.”  shrugging “but your right…women shouldn’t do it and shame on you all for letting us.”

The crowd stays quiet and the speaker glances around.  Finally he states “wasn’t expecting that at all.”

Ahhhhh most men don’t.  Some of us women just have to take charge and run things due to something in our lives happening that make us have to take charge.  So you men, if you want a princess treat her like a princess.  If you want a Queen you better be worth a queen because sooner or later she might not need you if your not worthy of having…


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