Positive Alien Abductions?

I got to stop watching the History channel.  Really I should.  It’s like watching CNN which also always gets me angry.  So, as a Friday night goes…I was watching Alien Abduction shows on the History Channel and it got me to thinking….is there any positive ones?

I mean really…Is it the typical thing that there are positive ones out there but there no fun to hear about (like the local news) so they decide to report the bad ones?  Is that it?  Or is it possible we have a lot of itty bitty people whom like to dig on skin, throw probes up in….well very very personal places and shine lights on people  wondering on the ground giving them bad sun burns and radiation.

I’m totally confused.  Ancient Alien people (you got to watch history channel if you don’t know what Ancient Aliens are), states Aliens came and created a new world for us from fantastic structures, crystal items, mathematics, art, speech, heck they even state they helped up skip a good beat or two in our evolution track which helped us move forward before other animals.  Some state people in the world might have DNA from these ancient aliens and they even state we all might be aliens.   However, in  todays society, they talk about little short gray green creatures abducting people…not even putting the poor saps to sleep before torturing them, humiliating them, and the aliens are able to read their minds so they know how uncomfortable humans are about this torture.  Then hours later the aliens take the tortured people back home for the night.  (Sounds like a very bad date night!  Think I might have had one or two of them in my past.)

I know from different abduct books, shows, etc they state their told that something huge is going to happen in the world and they are going to take over.  Others  shows/Books state the Aliens are using our DNA to make hybrids so they can live on the earth.  Hey, I thought we all had the alien DNA already in our systems?…Needless to say I can’t say them stealing DNA to make a hybrid is a bad thing.  Technically if someone stole your DNA to make someone I would say that would be your child because they were apart of you.  And I would think that would be kinda a sweet thing to have some alien race think you were special enough to select your family line to carry on through the future.  However, getting a probe stuck up your….very very personal place and spaces is not a very kind way to wine and dine you…so it just does not make since.


Ok, so just keep with me…because I’m trying to think this out so it’s my ramblings…

Another researcher stated that there are already hybrid alien and humans walking around on the streets and their eventually going to take over.  Another researcher stated how do you know your not a hybrid.  Who knows…

So Lets play the devils advocate:  If I was a Hybrid….Ummmm, I would have already taken over the world by now.  I’d have to say the lazy people would have been kicked off the earth, the lyers, cheaters, the big companies would be shut down unless I see them benefiting not only everyone else but especially the earth.  Less Chemicals and more natural…and the government…yep I’d take over.  A lot of Chiefs would be kicked to the curb. (As the saying goes to many chiefs not enough indians)…and we’d start all over again.  There would be very few people left I think…because the majority of the people are just…bad.  They want everything with doing little.  To many bleeding hearts that like to make you bleed your wallet.  I believe people should be helped when down in their luck, people have helped me before, but you have to not expect it and try to help yourself…..A GRRRRrrrrRRRR…Lets hope for the majority of the people I”m not a Hybrid.  Me…Oh that would be so fantastic *LOL*….I would change sooo much.  And we’d learn and learn…and learn.  LoVe knowledge.  But don’t worry I’m not a Hybrid.  Two things should tell you why…I’m bad a math and spelling/grammer…..so ummm no.

So other advocate: Joe blow who like Government welfare or hates to work is a hybrid.  Yep, were in trouble.  So he’s gonna sit around all day, watch TV, Play video games, while all of us working bees do all the work.  Oh and he’ll be a bleeding heart for all the other non-working hybrids.  OMG…it’s like the democrats ruling the world!!!  *LOL*…Ok sorry,  that was a punch and no democrats are not that bad. (actually I’ll vote democrat if the person is better then republican so that’s a punch at me also.)  But seriously that would be horrible.

Now I feel better talking about…well nothing. *L* more like rambling on during a late Friday night.  Thanking God I don’t have to work tomorrow.  I just don’t see why past history everything is positive and there’s a “where are they we need them back” but in today society it’s like a scary ex visiting that’s in to Sadomasochistic stuff.  Be nice to hear something positive about Alien Abductions for a change.  The Scary thing is…I can’t really find any.  Except maybe someone getting hold a hybrid baby for a second then being ripped apart from the child…Oh heck no!  Don’t show me my child and not let me be with my child to help him or her grow….Oh there I go again.  I got to stop typing *LOL*


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