I really got to stop watching that show Ancient Aliens..it always gets me fired up.  I go from “oh Gosh you off on that”…”to are you crazy”…”oh, yeah you finally got that”…to “woo …that’s something I never thought of”…to “OMG give ancient people a little freakin credit!.  They were smarter then we are today.  Heck 90 percent of the population would starve to death if grocery stores just shut down”

Ok, Ok…so I’m cleaning house today so of course I had it on Ancient Aliens so I could have something to watch..and I just LOVE that show.  I learned more from the history of man on that show then any other show.  (two thumbs up!)

I’m rambling like a mad woman now so I’ll just get to my point.  Worm holes..need to stop spending time deciding if it exist and if we can create it and go ahead and start thinking more on how to detect it.   If, for example, you had an idea of where one is at already what kind of instrument or senses do you need to find it?   The imaginary shape that we seem to go by when we talk about worm holes is correct as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve seen that shape since I was a baby and I believe before I’d ever even heard of the word “worm hole”.  (whom ever came up with that name should be shot..it’s so dirt and earth sounding.)

So lets say your standing and your on hot cement and it’s 120 to 125 degrees without a breeze.  Suddenly you feel the temperature drop about 40 degrees and a soft breeze blowing around you and only around you.  You suddenly smell oxygen, water, green plants so over whelmingly powerful you take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.  You can breath better, you feel the humidity and the 70 degree weather, the breeze.  You suddenly know there’s a portal open just behind you but as quick as it comes it closes and the soft flicker of light breeze dies on your skin.  You still know the gates there in the area,  you don’t know if something went in or came out of it or if it’s on some type of timer.  You don’t know if the trees in the area, the rocks, the ground have anything to do with that area or if it’s just an invisible gate way and all you had to do is step through.  It if is a timer and you accidently trip into it when its open how are you to get back?  Any scientist figure out how to detect it is more interesting to me then do they exist.  They exist.  You know they do, your just going about the long way so you can prove they exist and how they work.


In short it’s like a scientist sitting around the room trying to prove the existance of a car.  Half the brains spend their time trying to create the car, while the other half try to figure out the theory of where the car would be and go, and if Ford and Chevy were ever right that a car could actually exist.  I’m simply stating this..they exist already.  Get out of the office and lab and come up with some device and also your senses and go find a road.  If you can detect a roadway, where a road way is, and where they might pop up, it’s possible we might find out when the cars show.

(Also if what I remember as a child I swear wormholes are very very veryyyy small.  Inside your tumbled around and around and around horribly terrible feeling where you pray over and over that somehow your let out.  It’s a spinning motion and you wonder how your not spinning apart but you don’t..or you do…but your still concious.  I’d lay in bed when I was little, sometimes when I closed my eyes I could still feel and picture that horrible spinning motion and being trapped.  I don’t know where I got it from but I remember the shape I felt and the shape people picture for worm holes are on the dot.)


2 thoughts on “Wormhole

    1. Me two. Makes me sick to my stomach. I can even picture the thing I was in, in a way. Then I get worried I have to get into it again and it makes me want to run away screaming. Bad way to travel if it were actually something and not my imagination.

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